Magnitone Bare Faced 2 Review ~ One for the Skincare Junkies out there !

The older I’m getting the more into skincare I am. Using the Magnitone Bare Faced 2 has made me realise that the way I’m applying products is equally as important as the products themselves!

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I was very kindly sent the Magnitone Bare Faced 2 Vibra-sonic Cleansing and Toning brush for review, to try out in my skincare routine and to give a good test. I’m very excited to share my thoughts!

What’s Inside the Box ?

Inside the box on first arrival is the Magnitone Bare Faced 2 brush, a holder for the brush (which as a bit of a neat freak I really appreciate), one cleansing head and one toning brush head (as well as covers for each head), and a charger. The brush charges via USB which is incredibly handy, and is 100% waterproof – which puts my mind at rest.

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The Brush Itself

This three mode ‘3D vibra sonic’ brush itself is easy to hold and feels comfortable in the hand – even for someone like me with petite fingers. And aesthetically I can’t fault it as it comes in pink or white with rose gold edging – my favourite colour combos.

The head being three mode means exactly what you think it would – there are three different speeds for you to choose from. On the first click of the central button, you get ‘sensitive mode’ which is a constant vibrating mode that feels really gentle, but still very effective on the skin.

The next setting is still constant but now more intense – this is called ‘Deep Cleanse’ mode. I only use this on less sensitive areas of my face – for example my chin, as I do have rather sensitive skin and I don’t want to cause irritation. Although I’ve had no problems with this at all.

The final setting pulses and I found felt really odd to me at first but I’ve really grown to love this one! This is described as ‘pulse lift mode’ and works best with the toning brush head – which is described as ‘an energising skin-workout to boost micro-circulation and supercharge your favourite skincare potions’. I love to use this with the Dermalogica Biolumin-C Serum.

The Different Heads

As I mentioned, you get two heads in this pack – the ‘porefect Daily Cleansing brush head and the ‘Tone it Up’ Skin toning brush head. Both are super easy to clean, which is an important factor to me when choosing anything that’s part of my skincare routine. I want to fight spots and imperfections – not make them worse!

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The Porefect Daily Cleansing Brush Head on the Magnitone Bare Faced 2 Brush

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The Porefect Daily Cleansing Brush Head on the Magnitone Bare Faced 2 Brush

The two are very different, as you might expect. The cleansing brush head has long, soft bristles that feel more like a classic synthetic hair brush. This gets deep into all the little areas of the face that need cleansing.

The toning head on the other hand has short, rubber bristles. These felt really stiff when I first touched them out of the box – however don’t fear, these are in no way like that on the face!

The brushes are easy to interchange and just pop on and off and with a simple click. You can easily check that they’re in place – and then you’re good to go! I like this feature because (as I’ve previously mentioned), it makes the heads easy to clean and means that they are also replaceable if necessary.

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How to Use it

You can use the brush with any of your favourite cleansers – my personal favourite at the moment is the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel – you can find a previous review here. Your face, apply the cleanser and then off you go – all you need is a minute and you’re done and ready to wash your face as normal.

I normally split the minute between 20 seconds on the forehead – and then 20 on each side of my face. Obviously if I’m having a problem skin day/week I’ll focus more on that area. I do this in the morning and then in the evening.

I normally apply my serums before bed – so at this point I’ll pop off the cleansing head and pop on the toning one, ready for a nice face massage.

Afterwards my skin feels fabulously clean and nourished; but not too scrubbed away at or raw. I also find that this stops my pores from clogging and makes me concentrate the help where I need it because I’m actually paying attention to how I’m cleansing my skin.

The only negative that I can really think of is that I find it difficult to tell when it needs to be charged, so I feel like I probably charge the device when it doesn’t really need to be!

But, other than that it really is a fabulous product that I would recommend to anyone who wants to take their skincare more seriously. Or it would make a perfect gift for the skincare fanatic in your life!

Have you tried anything from them before ? What did you think ?

Speak soon,

Robyn x

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