Dark Self Tan for Pale Skinned Girls with NYK1 Tan Force

If you’re someone who likes fake tan, but you’re always worried about the colour or going too far… you might want to read this one!

Now I’m a very, very fair skinned person and I don’t naturally tan at all. I’m also not really into harming my skin trying to tan, and like to slather on SPF at any opportunity, so there’s so so many reasons I love fake tan. But I have to admit, I always do get a little nervous trying a new one.

I was very kindly sent the NYK1 Tanforce Self Tanner and I was initially really anxious when I opened the package up to see the shade was called ‘deep’ – and for a girl who could be described as the second to lightest shade in a foundation at best, I was a little scared to apply this! Was it going to go patchy or, god forbid, was I going to look like I’d been tangoed.


So here’s the low down on NYK1 Tanforce – it’s paraben free, clear and a foam. There are two things I absolutely adore about this self tan – firstly, it’s not at all drying on the skin and secondly it’s really not at all smelly. They mean it when they say it doesn’t smell like fake tan!

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I also found that this tan didn’t stain bedding or clothing at all (a massive bonus) and actually dried down incredibly quickly! If, like me, you’re in a constant rush this is ideal as you don’t have to worry about smudging the tan on your hand off before it’s dry. But what about the colour?


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The shade is a gorgeous golden colour! I do apply it rather lightly (most of the time) and it works as a light gradual tanner that doesn’t go patchy at all – and when I do want to to go full on, the colour still looks natural on me – like I’ve spent a week somewhere hot, doing absolutely nothing.

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Something I don’t normally think about when I fake tan is the mitt I use. I always used to be of the opinion that it just gets all horrid and mucky anyway – so what does it matter? However, I must now eat my words. The NYK1 mitt is incredibly soft, velvety and is the sturdiest mitt I’ve ever used. I think it’s part of what makes the pair so streak free. You really must try it.

There’s even a tiny mini mitt for doing those awkward places and your face which I don’t really know how I lived without before.

If you’re on the look out for a tanner to try then I must really recommend this one, please don’t be put off if you’re fair by the shade name – it really does work!

What’s your favourite self tanner? How often do you tan?
Speak soon,
Robyn x

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