New in Beauty: the last few months on a ‘low-buy’

I’ve been trying to be good recently … I mean really trying. I’ve just bought a house you see so I’ve been trying to curb my spending habits on makeup just a little bit and be a bit more selective with the products I want to try. So I’ve actioned a ‘low-buy’ on makeup to help with this, where I’m trying to be more considerate of products that I actually need and also buy less in general. I thought you might be intrigued by some of the products I’ve purchased recently (over the last few months), whilst I’ve been trying to implement this. I did place a hefty Cult Beauty order which contained the majority of my purchases.

Milk Makeup

When Milk Makeup launched on Cult Beauty I knew I needed to try some of their products. I’ve only ever heard great things about them from friends and bloggers in the US. I tried to bide my time as long as I could and watch/read as many reviews as possible to make sure I was purchasing the correct products (on the low-buy after all, I couldn’t go completely mad).

In the end, a little late to the party because I wanted to be sure, I picked up three products. The first one I was definitely sure I’d like was Milk Makeup’s Lip and Cheek (£20.5) (multi-tasker cream blush and lip stick) in the dusty rose shade ‘Werk’. I’d seen multiple people rave about this product and this shade in particular, and as a cream product lover I knew instantly it was for me. I’ve really been enjoying this and after some consideration, I might pick up another shade to try. I prefer this as a blush than on the lips, but as a hand bag product it’s perfect!

Next I picked up Milk’s Hydro Grip Primer (£27) – which as a brand new product was a bit risky of me. But it had the word hydro in it, which as a dry skinned gal I definitely need! This definitely does work really well under foundation at both hydrating and giving my base a little bit of longevity.

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Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer and Milk Makeup Lip and Cheek Multi Tasking Cream

Charlotte Tilbury Cream Shadow in

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Lastly, my third Milk product was one of their eye pigments (£20.50) in the bronze shade ‘Gig’. Everywhere I looked these were praised for their impressive wear time, even on oily eyelids – so, as someone with an unfortunate amount of ‘natural eye gloss’ going on, I thought I’d give this a shot. I of course picked a natural shade, with the thought that if I really loved the formula I could always pick up something more daring later on. Another crucial part of this low-buy for me is considering what I genuinely use and making an effort to only purchase things that I truly think will fit in with my routine and how I like to do my makeup.

I’ve found that this actually does stay on my lids remarkably well – as in without a primer well.Which is utter magic in my books – I’d love to pick up the green shade, but for the price of these I’m not entirely sure I can think of it as a good purchase.

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Milk Eye Pigment in Gig, L’oreal Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Cream Eyeshadow in Veruschka

Charlotte Tilbury

Next I picked up two Charlotte Tilbury Products. I adore everything I’ve ever tried from Charlotte Tilbury, so never having tried her cream shadows I picked up one of her Eyes to Mesmerise in the shade ‘Veruschka’ (£22). This shade is described as a golden grey, and I picked it up mainly because I don’t own many colours like this and didn’t want to pick something too similar to Gig in the same order. I do find that this needs a primer, as otherwise it creases quite a bit, but other than that it’s perfect for a one shade look, and is a dark enough shade to give me some needed definition.

Another purchase was the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Contour Wand in Fair/Medium (£29). I own the highlighter wand already and I’m not a massive fan of the applicator, however, I can’t fault the formula. I own one contour I love and that’s the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder in Light – apart from that, nothing else has ever really took my fancy. I thought that I needed a cream contour to add to my collection, and this hasn’t disappointed since it came in the mail. I do have to be a little careful with the foundation I use this with however, as I find that it doesn’t set down on very dewy foundations!


Now for the new things not included in my Cult Beauty haul, and onto a little bit of skincare. I’m part of the Dermalogica Skin Influencer Programme (you can find previous reviews of their stuff here and here), so I was very kindly sent their new Redness Relief Essence (£38) to give a go. Redness is something I really struggle with because I have naturally pink toned skin, so any sort of discolouration and I look like a salmon. I’m always unsure where to put essence products in my routine, so I’ve fiddled around with this since I’ve had it to find the best place. As a before bed serum, it wasn’t quite up scratch – as although it was calming on the skin, I wasn’t seeing the anti redness effects. However, before bed and just after I’ve cleansed my skin in the morning and toned (so a good half hour before I pop my makeup on, as I eat breakfast and generally faff in this time) and it is fabulous. I can see where I need to put more coverage as my skin is calmed and less rosy.

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Finally, the last new product in my stash is the L’oreal Infallible Pro Glow Foundation, which I ordered off of Amazon. I was so surprised when I first tried this out, as I dripped the product all over my vanity … it is a very, very viscous (aka. liquidy) formula and also very thin. Exercise caution when pouring it out of the tube. I’ve only been using this for a few weeks (it’s one of my new in beauty products after all), but I can tell I like some aspects, but dislike others. Likes include how glowy the foundation is, how natural it looks and that the shade (despite being a little yellow) suits me. Dislikes include the poor wear time and general settling that happens into my lines when worn for an extended period of time. Overall, I’m on the fence – I’ll update you over on instagram when I’ve got more of a clear picture!

…and that’s the lot. I would be intrigued to know what you’ve bought recently, and whether you’re trying out a more thought out and clinical approach to your purchases.

Robyn x

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