A Dry Skin Saviour – Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance

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Dermalogica’s new Intensive Moisture Balance* Moisturiser is such a winner that it deserves a post all to itself!

I have moved house (yey!) and stress is gradually leaving my body. I actually feel like a brand new woman – and part of that is actually having time to do a full on skincare routine. I have super dry skin (I know, you’ve heard it a million times before if you’ve read here at all), and there’s something about lavishing part of my evening on skincare that just makes me feel whole.

The stress of everything and the cold had really started to take its toll; and there’s only really one thing that has actually helped – Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturiser.

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I’ve tried a number of Dermalogica products in the past as I’m very lucky to be part of their #skininfluencer programme – the gals over there are the best (Lizzy, Rebecca and Beth!). I’m practically married to their special cleansing gel, … (check out my previous blog post ) … but in terms of moisturisers, although I’ve liked them, it’s never been true love.

However, since I’ve moved I’ve been consistently using a new product from Dermalogica – their Intensive Moisture Balance Moisturiser and I. AM. IN. LOVE. I think the phrase ‘OMG’ is appropriate here!

On the back of the tube, it’s described as an ultra-nourishing moisturiser that is designed to restore lipid balance to dry skin – with hyaluronic acid combined with a number of different other ‘good for skin’ ingredients such as aloe vera to really lock in hydration. When I read that I knew that this product was something I’d enjoy, but I didn’t know quite how much!

if you’re interested in a comparison…

Compared to the Skin Smoothing Cream (another moisturiser from Dermalogica) that I’ve previously reviewed, this has far more emollient, smooth and almost oil like in texture as opposed to being whipped like a cream. It sinks luxuriously into the skin and even if I only use a tiny amount my skin feels incredibly moisturised. Which is great because I’m using it morning and night, and I honestly don’t know what I’d do without it.

I’m seriously going to need to stock up on this magic in a tube for one other reason though – it’s also being stolen by my boyfriend for the dry patches he gets on his hands and face. I think we can all agree that when your boyfriend is stealing your skincare, that’s when you know that you’re onto a winner…

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As a bonus it works seriously well with their gel cleanser – as you’d expect – and fits rather wonderfully into my full routine. My skin feels soft, plump and doesn’t have any of the weird dryness around my nose that I used to get anymore, but it’s not so heavy duty that you can’t apply makeup directly afterwards. I’ve never had so many complements on how fresh my skin looks.

If you have dry skin in any way, shape or form, I would seriously recommend this product to you. If, like me, you’d never really found a moisturiser that was quite good enough (even though you’ve seriously tried), then give it a go! This moisturiser doesn’t really compare to anything I’ve found in the past and I’m so so pleased that this one has found me.

Have you tried any moisturisers from Dermalogica, if so what did you think?
Speak soon,
Robyn x

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