My 2019 Improvements

I’m not one to make New Year’s resolutions, as I feel that sometimes the focus is more on coming up with something to say than do anything about the initial problem.

This year I’ve tried to make a list of ‘improvements’ instead, that are things I’d like to work towards – but not necessarily ‘achieve’ as such – in 2019. Being a little better – rather than doing something entirely new.

Produce more lifestyle and home content

I will (hopefully) be moving into my first home with my partner this month – just before my birthday! I’ll be 23 this year and I don’t really feel ready, but at the same time it’s all really exciting.

We’ve picked up a lot of different furniture and home-ware items that we both think suit us, and really excited to get styling my own home. Going forward, I’d like to make some new additions to my instagram content, and get used to taking more lifestyle and home pictures.

You can check out my instagram over here.

Show my face more on Instagram and do some outfit shots

Despite being somewhat or a grumpy gal who likes to chill in joggers/my comfy jeans and sweaters most of the time that I’m at home, I really do love clothes and the past year I’ve definitely been finding my feet with my own style.

Whilst I was at university, I found this difficult as money was quite tight and honestly I preferred to go for items that were easy to wash or just staples. But now days I’m looking for items that really speak to me!

Be a bit more organised

I love me some organisation now, don’t get me wrong, but I do plan on really kicking it up this year – committing to my bullet journal daily and just generally trying to be a bit more tidy.

Use products properly and buy better quality items from sustainable sources

I have a problem … and it’s called hording things because they’re pretty and not actually using them. I’m going to be operating on a ‘one product in, one product out’ rule, and force myself to actually use all of the makeup products that I own.

I’m going to be picking myself a weekly basket from my stash, so I can regularly switch out products and try out new things.

I’m also planning on buying better quality, sustainable items as often as I am able to. I’ve started this already – shoes!

What do you want to improve on this year?
Speak soon,
Robyn x

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