Self Care and Why it’s Important

I’ve made no secret on my blog of being (what I would call) a ‘stressy’ person. I worry about things, and to be honest, I don’t ever believe I won’t. At the moment, I’m in the middle of buying a house with my partner, having chartered accountancy exams to sit, working full time in finance, going to the doctors all the time and blogging. And let me tell you, without my own personality quirks, I think that’s a pretty solid amount of stressful. But there are some things I do to chill, and these have been really working for me recently.

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I was really inspired by Lucy over at Forever September to post this – I want to let you guys know more about me and post more lifestyle content.


Stick to your am and pm routine – no excuses. I force myself to do this every day and night and it helps no end. In the morning, it gives me five minutes to think about the day ahead and mentally prepare myself, and in the evening it gives me some time alone to chill out and have a mini-pamper session. Also, it helps that when you actually commit to skincare that your skin looks so much better (check out my routine in my previous post) – which is obviously a confidence booster!

a cuppa…

Yes, sometimes I don’t have time in the morning to make myself that cup of tea – but it’s important that I do. It’s a ritual that makes me wake up and start the day properly. Switch this out for a coffee – if that’s your poison, or even a morning work out routine. But something as simple and comforting as a cup of tea at the right time is absolutely perfect.


I often forget to wear perfume – just through completely not thinking about it before I head out the door in the morning. Smelling gorgeous all day is something that instantly makes me feel comforted and happy – as well as confident.

clean your makeup brushes…

I’m really guilty of this …because I hate cleaning my makeup brushes and when you’ve got well over one hundred – it’s a chore. But it does make me feel 100% better when I have clean brushes to use. Also, the time it takes makes for a great wind down after a busy day – as well as being basic hygiene !

…and remember to be kind

My last self care tip is just simply remembering to smile and be kind. Yes, you might well be in an awful mood or just feel really down – but acting like that towards other people won’t do anything to cheer you up. This is probably the hardest thing for me to do; for any of you who know me well, I’m very sarcastic and I would consider myself quite harsh and cold if I’m honest – but that doesn’t mean that I can’t try. And I am trying (I promise).

Speak soon,
Robyn x



  1. Lucy

    Absolutely loved this post and I’m glad you took some inspiration from my post! A cuppa is something that always helps to perk me up, even if its only slightly!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Brooke

    I’m so glad you mentioned perfume. If I’m ever having a low day or don’t feel great, I always feel a bit more human when I smell nice! x

    Brooke |

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