Cream Shadows for £4.75?! Phase Zero Metal Foil Eye Shadows

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Phase Zero are at it again…

I’ve been absolutely blown away by Phase Zero products in the past, and when I saw the next products to launch from them would be their ‘Metal Foil’ shadows, I was super excited.

The older I’m getting the more into cream products I seem to be – I think it’s that I find they wear more naturally on me. I was sent 4 shades to try out and give my opinions on and honestly – they’re all gorgeous (I will be ordering more!) Unusually for me, I took all the pictures for this post outside – just so I could truly capture how stunning and reflective they are.

These metal foil shadows cost £4.75 each (I know, so so cheap right !?) and you can find them over at Love Me Beauty.

Phase Zero Metal Foil Cream Eye Shadow | Formula and Application

For a cream shadow, these are a little less liquid than some (like the Charlotte Tilbury creams) and far more whipped and spongy. I find that you can quite easily pack this formula on the lid with a flat shader style brush and for being so glittery you can also blend them into the crease. My favourite way to use these however is just on a finger and patted out – that way they look super metallic (especially the shade ‘queen’).

I prep my eye with primer (generally Nars) and these last all day on my oily eye lids – so I’ve got no complaints.

Phase Zero Metal Foil Cream Eye Shadow | Shades

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Phase Zero Metal Foil Cream Eye Shadow | Queen | Link

Queen is described as a ‘gorgeous light gold that delivers a shot of sparkle to your eye look.’ This is a really bright and shimmery shade that looks gorgeous washed over the lid. It’s slightly more chunky than the darker shades, which I don’t know if this holds true for all of the lighter colours in the range – but it’s beautiful nonetheless.

Phase Zero Metal Foil Cream Eye Shadow | Army | Link

Army is a beautiful khaki with gold sparkles – and it’s 100% my favourite of the bunch. I adore shades like this (as I find they’re more unusual) and this shade is smooth to the touch and extremely pigmented. Definitely get Army!

Left to Right – Cigar, Army, Smudge, Queen  

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Phase Zero Metal Foil Cream Eye Shadow | Smudge | Link

Smudge is the ‘perfect deep gold brown shade to create effortless smoky eyes with.’ I must admit that this one is my least used of the bunch – but it’s so buttery and pigmented that you have to use it with a light hand ! I love this smudged (I see where Phase Zero got the name from)  around my lash line, as a sort of effortless but messy liner.

Phase Zero Metal Foil Cream Eye Shadow | Cigar | Link

Cigar is a ‘beautiful neutral brown, bronze shade with great metallic pay-off.’ It’s quite similar to smudge, but darker and warmer, this shade really suits my green eyes so I would recommend if you do too. I adore this a a wash of colour, because the more you blend it out, the more shimmery it looks.

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Overall, for me, Phase Zero have done it again! I will be also ordering the shade Gold Roses – as it looks like a gorgeous rose gold shade (which you  know I’m all about).  Have you tried anything from Phase Zero yet ? If you choose to make an order, you can use the code ROBYNE5* for £5 off!



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