Makeup Monthly | Two Faves from Too Faced

Each month I pick a brand in a short ‘makeup monthly’ post to let you know some favourites (or some not-so-favourites) from them.


This month it’s Too Faced…

Too Faced Hangover 3 in 1 Setting Spray | Link | £27 (full size)

I purchased this as part of a Beauty Blender x Too Faced set – which is why this is a travel sized version, but I’ve truly fallen in love with it ! I use this both as a primer and as a finishing spray.

As a primer, I find that it makes my skin really beautifully smooth and makeup sits on top of it well. To finish, I don’t think that the Too Faced Hangover setting spray has the same ‘lock-it-into-place’ affect as something like Urban Decay All-Nighter. What I mean is that this product doesn’t increase the longevity of my foundation underneath; however, it settles powders into the skin really well and does overall help with my dry skin. I find this really hydrating and it makes me want to try their original Hangover cream primer!


Too Faced Primer and Poreless Pressed Powder | Link | £24

I picked this up on a whim (mostly because the packaging is super cute), and I have to say this really knocks other ‘pore filling’ products off of top spot in my eyes.

Personally, I love wearing dewy (some might say greasy) foundation, but the draw back of this is that they can really highlight my pores – in comes this Too Faced pressed powder. Just a little dab of this either side of my nose and ta-dah! My skin is poreless and so smooth – I really believe that is is one of the smoothest powders I’ve ever felt.

You do have to be really careful how much you use as it can leave a white film over the skin (and can imagine if you had deeper skin this might be an issue).


These were my Too Faced favourites this month, which brands have you been loving in the month of July ?


Robyn xxx
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  1. Lucy

    I really like the setting spray, I’ve not tried it underneath my makeup but only as a setting spray on top, so maybe I’ll give that a go!

    Lucy | Forever September

  2. Laura

    I love the setting spray, it feels so cooling. The primer is amazing! x

  3. Lauren Carmen

    Their Hangover primer is so so good and it smells delicious!! I’d love to try the spray. xxx

  4. Joyce Lau

    I need to try more too faced items especially the bases! I’ve been trying a few things from protocol and the powder foundation is so good! x

  5. Arianna

    I adore Too Faced! They have some of the best makeup products 💕

    Arianna |

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