Blank Canvas Cosmetics – Skin Perfect Brush Set | Review

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Hot pink makeup brushes that are fab quality, need I say more?

I review brushes an awful lot here, as you all know that I love having the right tools for the job! This set is called the the Skin perfect set and contains all of Blank Canvas Cosmetics’ best-selling brushes that will help you achieve the perfect base. You can shop Blank Canvas Cosmetics on Beauty Bay and on their own website.

The skin perfect set contains five brushes and a little brush pouch. All brushes are vegan and anti-bacterial, which is fab. The set is gorgeous with hot pink handles and engraved golden ferrules – if you love something very feminine but bold, then you’ll love the appearance of this set!

I’ve found that all brushes cleaned very well after quite a few washes, with minimal to no shedding. The only thing that did happen was that the print on my F20 has started to slightly rub off after being washed more than the others (as this is the brush I use most). This is a common sign of use with most of my brushes from all brands, and something that doesn’t bother me.

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Blank Canvas Cosmetics F31 Targeted Contour Brush

This is a dense, short bristled brush that is fab for using with cream contour. I have also found that (as this brush also has some width to it) I enjoy using this with sheer coverage foundation to build up coverage. Think Armani Luminous Silk! It’s very soft and easy to use around all areas of the face. I really don’t own many brushes like this!

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 Foundation Brush

The classic flat topped foundation brush. The Blank Canvas Cosmetics F20 brush is less dense than others in my collection (from Sigma, Spectrum and Nanshy), and the bristles are also a tad longer – meaning that this brush is best used with full coverage products as you get a far better blend.

I struggled to get an image of this brush clean as I use it all the time – so here it is dirty instead!

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Blank Canvas Cosmetics F41 Tapered Cheek Brush

This is my favourite brush from the entire set. The Blank Canvas Cosmetics F41 Tapered Cheek brush is a fabulous multi-tasker! I’ve been using this to powder under my eyes which the brush fits perfectly under there, but it’s also fluffy enough to to apply blush and also precise bronzer application, if you have a little face like me.

I have similar brushes, but nothing quite as fluffy and large as this! The Real Techniques setting brush is like a tiny version of this brush.

Blank Canvas Cosmetics F33 Extreme Angle Contour Brush

This brush has a really unusual, ergonomic shape, that cups the contours of the face and even can be used on the nose. This isn’t a brush I use very often, but it’s useful to have in my collection, as it’quite different. I’ve seen these sorts of brushes all over the place, but never actually used one until the F33.

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Blank Canvas Cosmetics F12 Angled Eye/ Face Brush

This brush is something that I don’t really have in my collection at all. The bristles are very soft, and overall they have enough length to them that you can actually use this to blend product into the skin. I really enjoy using this for initially blending out under-eye concealer and also blending around hard-to-reach areas of the face – for example, around my nose. I find this brush too large to use on my brow bone area (personally) as the BCC website suggested, but can see that if you had more lid space than me it would be useful !

Have you tried anything from Blank Canvas Cosmetics? I really want to try their makeup next !

Robyn xx


  1. Ayse Merve

    These brushes are super pretty!

  2. Joyce Lau

    These brushes look so pretty! I haven’t tried the brand before x

    Joyce Lau

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