Skincare Products that I Didn’t Know I Needed…

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I know, I know! The title – what even is this post about? Well, ‘skincare products that I didn’t know I needed’ was something I was thinking about recently that I thought the world needed to hear about. Essentially, these are all products that I’ve discovered where I used to be really pleased with what I used to use and didn’t know my life could be better! I hope you find something different to add into your routine here (I certainly have) and that you leave any recommendations below. I’ve been using all of these products for quite a while now, which I think is extremely important with skincare, as the benefits definitely come over time.


Sometimes in life you come across a product and think, “WOW where have I been?” These are those products for me….


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touch in SOL ‘Mission Complete’ Cleanser *| £14.50 | | ASOS  | Cult Beauty

I spoke about this waterproof eye makeup remover in my touch in SOL overview post, and since then I’ve used it more and more (and now I’m about half way through it!). This is a skincare product that I didn’t know I needed because I was so happy with my micellar water before, that I didn’t realise what I was missing out on! This makes heavy eye makeup quicker and easier to remove than my previous routine, it never irritates my eyes and it doesn’t leave any residue or makeup left over. In love would be an understatement! If you have sensitive skin and you don’t want to spend ages rubbing at your eyes, then I would highly recommend this.

Also, I’m a real fan of the packaging on this – it’s plastic and therefore travel friendly but it feels very sturdy and the pump is easy to control.

Urban Veda Soothing Hydrating Toner* | £13.99 | Urban Veda

Where do I begin ?! I’ve been a die-hard fan of my Pixi Glow tonic for years and love The Ordinary Glycolic Acid toning solution – but this toner works so well for my sensitive skin. If you find that that you have sensitive, dry skin and you struggle to find the ideal toner – this is for you! It’s hydrating and soothing (as the name suggests) but isn’t weak to the extent that it doesn’t do anything. I haven’t found that this has in any way irritated me and it doesn’t make my face feel tight at all. I really enjoy the natural scent as well – a bonus!

In terms of the benefits I’ve seen in my skin, I definitely struggle with less redness in my cheeks since I’ve switched over to this and also find that dry texture that I get round my nose has lessened without feeling sore. I will definitely be purchasing another bottle!

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Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream | £70 | Link

Charlotte Tilbury magic cream…. my god! This is only the tiny pot, and in the words of Kathleen Lights das expensive…. I love a good moisturiser as much as the next girl but this sits so well under makeup that it’s nearing primer level ! It’s so smoothing but not too think. I’m concerned for when I’m going to have to shell out for a new pot ! I was so happy with my previous moisturisers that I didn’t know I needed this, and well, now I wish I’d left it well alone!

Yes to Correcting Eye Cream | £11.99 | Boots

I’ve been a die hard Kiehls eye cream fan for years, so I ordered this on a whim to see if it really did anything for my dark circles. They are the bane of my life.

It does something for them, but that’s not why I’m raving about this product! A few months ago, I had horrendous skin problems. I had a bad reaction to a product and my under eyes were bad and nothing would clear it up – not even my beloved Kiehl’s cream. But this … this did. It was the only product that worked, so really, it has to be in a product that I didn’t know I needed post.

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I hope you enjoyed this post ! I know it’s a little different from my usual content.

Speak soon,

Robyn xx


  1. Rinky Dinky Rhi

    I’m coming to the end of my Kiehls eye cream and I know I’ve got that Yes eye cream in one of my drawers. I’ve never thought to compare the two – will hold off from repurchasing my Kiehls and give the Yes one a go! xxx

    Rhi |

  2. Joyce Lau

    Really want to try touch in sol. They seem amazing!

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