Perfect for Travel! – Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette | REVIEW

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review

I’m always on the look out for perfect travel palettes and get very excited when I find one. As I was very impressed with the quality of the Profusion Amber Eyes Palette  I was excited to give the Profusion Eye and Cheek | Artistry Palette * a go, and when I saw it, I immediately thought – travel palette! The palette contains 18 shades – 12 eye shadows (in two different colour themes), 4 blushes and two highlights, and it retails for £12.95 in the UK. Which I’m sure you’ll all agree is incredibly cheap for the amount of product you get. You also get a brush included (which has a fluffy blending side and a side for packing on product), which I think is a really nice touch. This is all housed in sturdy plastic packaging which snaps shut. But, I know what you’re thinking, is it any good…

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review | Close up and Swatches

As you can see in the two shots below there are definitely two ‘colour themes’ to this product. The left hand side (below) is decidedly warm toned, and contains the eyes shadow shades:

  • Whipped – Pale off-white matte – Perfect for setting your eye shadow base down.
  • Love – Pale yellow-beige matte – Great for crease work.
  • Antique – A true gold metallic (extremely pigmented) – Stunning in the inner corner.
  • Honest – Warm mid-toned Brown matte – I really like this for a ‘one-shadow-look’.
  • Mic Drop – Brown-bronze metallic – Lovely all over the lid.
  • Cookie – Warm Chocolate Brown matte – A little less pigmented than the others, but great for deepening the eye look.

The cheek shades:

  • Diamonds (highlight) – Golden-peach
  • Lush – True peach blush
  • Breath Taking – Peach-pink blush

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review
Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review | Close up and Swatches

The right-hand side (below) is much more cool toned, and contains the eyes shadow shades:

  • Chatty – Pale, refined shimmer – Lovely brow bone highlight.
  • Embrace – Cool-mid tones brown matte  – My favourite shade in the entire palette!
  • Terrific – Cool toned Bronze shimmer- this shade is actually quite unique to my collection. I think it’s difficult to make a bronze shade without it erring on the orange side!
  • Bestie – Taupe matte – Great in the crease
  • Comeback – Neutral toned Deep brown – I think this shade is a little unnesscary on the cool toned side, but it still has good pigmentation!
  • Tease – Deep-cool brown matte – Fabulous smudged along the lash line.

The cheek shades:

  • Diamonds (highlight) – Golden-white
  • Lush – Baby-pink blush
  • Breath Taking – Cool-deep pink

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review | Swatches of Cheek Shades

I’ve swatched the cheek shades all together, as I thought you might get a better idea of the tones here. It’s a real shame for me, as both of the highlights are a little too golden on my skin tone, but I do feel that they would suit medium skin tones perfectly. The blushes all have a little bit of a sheen to them, but this makes them blendable on the cheek. I adore the peachy shades here, as I love wearing these sorts of tones for spring and summer! The only shade I’m not personally a fan of is ‘Lush’ (the light baby pink), as I find it too shimmery on me as a blush.

Profusion Eye and Cheek Palette Review | Final Thoughts

I really adore the cooler tones side of this palette, and I think it’s great to see some more cool-tones shades coming to the market. The pigmentation on almost every single one of these shades was amazing and they were nicely soft, so I found that they blended well! I do think this palette would be best suited to someone with a skin tone a tad deeper than mine (so that they could get use out of all of the shades!), but personally I really enjoy how compact this product is and that it contains all the basics I would need to take away with me.

With my summer holiday fast approaching, I’ll be popping this into my makeup bag to take with me.

Robyn x


  1. Laura

    Ooh this looks so fab! Love your swatches too, so helpful x


  2. Gemma Louise

    These shades are lush! I would never think to pick up this palette but I definitely will after seeing this review!

    Gemma Louise

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