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I adore single shadows – there’s nothing more exciting than building your own eye shadow palette! So when I learnt that the next new release from Phase Zero at Love Me Beauty was going to be single eye shadows – I was very very excited! I was very lucky to be sent a selection to try and a palette to put them in – eek ! So let’s get into this….

The palette is magnetic and ‘holographic’ on the outside and if you’re a member retails for £4.80 (it also stores 12 shadows). This is incredibly cheap compared to the other options out there and as a bonus it also comes with a mirror. All of the shades Phase Zero have released are currently all shimmer/metallic shades which are £2.90 at member prices.  The Phase Zero shades are all the same pan size as MAC or Makeup Geek (but at a fraction of the price!!)

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If, after reading this review you fancy trying some of these shades, I’ve been given a £5 off code ROBYNE5 for you to use if you want to save some money.

Without further ado, I’ve swatched the below in columns (as this is how I arranged my palette) and I’ve quoted the shade descriptions from the Love Me Beauty website. There are two kinds of formula included here – Sheer Satin and Shimmer. Shimmer is more of your classic metallic formula, but the Sheer Satin formula is something that I’ve never really seen before – the shades are silky and feel lovely to the touch.

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Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Snowball | Shimmer | Link

‘Snowball’ is a white highlighter with a golden shine. Perfect for adding in a shimmering highlight to your look.

Snowball is one of the textured shadows that I received with my palette – it’s got a similar texture to the Huda Beauty textured shadows in her Rose Gold palette. This is very pigmented and pretty and the golden flecks make it really unusual. I find this wears well on the lid, but I need to use glitter glue with this shade to prevent fall out.

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Nude Newbie | Shimmer | Link

‘Nude Newbie’ is a pink nude that creates a perfect natural base, or can be worn alone for a classy day look.

I love shades like this, so was glad of the inclusion. This is quite similar to pearl, however Nude Newbie has more of a refined shimmer to it. Pretty and wears well!

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Velvet | Sheer Satin | Link

‘Velvet’ is a beautiful warm purple, with rich red undertones. It looks gorgeous as a contour shade or as a full-on smoky eye.

Gorgeous! Simply gorgeous. I really enjoy ‘Velvet’ as an overall lid shade and in the crease of the eye. Very full on and warm, this shade is one of my three absolute favourites in the palette and I’d love to see more shades like this in the future.


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Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Bright Light | Shimmer | Link

‘Bright Light’ is a super-pigmented highlighting shade for a white that wows.

Bright Light is a buttery shade that applies perfectly and is so useful for the inner corner and brow bone. I really like this for the face as a highlight as well!

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Pearl | Shimmer | Link

‘Pearl’ is a glowing, luminous shade with pearly pink undertones, perfect for creating a pretty feminine eye.

Pearl is a shade I’d recommend to anyone in this palette, it’s very wearable and pretty all over the lid. Neutral and pigmented.

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Cashmere | Sheer Satin | Link

‘Cashmere’ is a dusty-rose take on neutrals with a silky shine that lasts all day long.

Cashmere is beautifully shimmery and long lasting on the lids, I can see this being a firm favourite for many.

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Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Banana Beige | Sheer Satin | Link

‘Banana Beige’ this eyeshadow has yellow undertones with a shimmer pay-off that gives off a gorgeous golden glow.

Banana Beige is a lovely shade. It’s smooth and although not overtly pigmented, something I use pretty much daily at the moment. It’s a really unusual colour as it’s not mustard and it’s not yellow – but somewhere in the middle. It’s really subtle and something I can use in the crease despite it not being matte. This is another favourite of mine!

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Coffee Cup | Sheer Satin | Link

‘Coffee Cup’ is a rich brown shade that delivers soft shimmer. Perfect for eye contouring and blending with.

Although more sheer than the other shades, the ‘sheer satin formula’ makes for an incredibly easy to blend shade that I’ve been loving using in the outer third of my eye.

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Cocoa | Shimmer | Link

‘Cocoa’ is a warm brown that delivers full coverage with a subtle shine, a perfect neutral.

One thing I did find was that Cocoa, Coffee Cup and Cashmere all looked very similar in the pan (although they all obviously have different finishes) – when swatched however they look completely different ! Which is something to bear in mind when purchasing online.

Cocoa is a yellow toned brown that feels wonderfully smooth to the touch.


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Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Warm Taupe | Sheer Satin | Link

‘Warm Taupe’ is a super-soft taupe with a golden sheen. Perfect for a warm neutral that can act as a base or contour shade.

This shade is super glittery and intense (so not sure why it’s labelled as a sheer satin) but it’s so so stunning. Perfect for a one shadow look.


Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Mush-a-Boom | Shimmer | Link

‘Mush-a-boom’ is a warm grey with amazing shine pay-off, perfect for creating a smoky look for dayt time

Mush-a-boom (brilliant name) is one of my favourite shades in the palette! It’s fairly neutral which I adore and it’s not completely grey – it’s almost a murky brown and I know that doesn’t sound great but it’s something I really love. It has smooth pigmentation and I would really recommend it, if you’re looking for something really different, as it’s nothing like any other shade that I own.

Phase Zero Single Eye Shadow | Party Dress | Shimmer | Link

‘Party Dress’ is the eyeshadow you need for every party. A deep black with major glitter pay-off, this shade creates a sexy and fun smoky eye

Party dress is extremely glittery black which I think is ideal for a lovely smoky eye look. It’s one of my least used in the palette but I think that’s just my preference in shades. This one has a similar texture to Snowball, but a little dryer.


Overall, I really have nothing bad to say about these shadows ! I’m really blown away and DEFINITELY will be purchasing more shades (Cool Girl looks right up my street) – remember if you want to place an order, you can use the code ROBYNE5 for £5 off.  Phase Zero seem to be producing really amazing products at brilliant prices and I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ve ever been as hyped for a new brands releases. They’re coming out with liquid shadows this month – hopefully you’ll see a review soon!


Love, Robyn xx




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