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I love a good glow and this palette is no exception …

I recently got the amazing opportunity to try some Crownbrush products (see my previous post here). I was really impressed by their brushes (in fact their rose gold crease brush is fast becoming my most used blending brush) and have actually hit pan on one of the shades in the eye shadow palette that the lovely Oli sent over! So when I was watching Crownbrush UK’s Instagram stories and saw their Bronze and Glo* palette mentioned I knew I wanted to try it out.

In fact, Gemma from Gemma Louise had already made me swoon over the highlighter palette and the Blush and Glo Palette and her recommendation on a product normally means I will adore it. So I was very excited to see the Bronze and Glo Palette turn up in my mail!

The Bronze and Glo palette contains 6 shades and immediately I could see that this product would suit professional makeup artists. The selection of shades ranges from very deep, foiled golden-bronze tones to a bright white.  So, this would be ideal if you work on a range of skin tones. I personally love palettes like this (although I’m just a blogger) as I can mix shades together to give me a perfect highlight shade and I have different options within one product. For that reason I can see for many it would be a work-horse and for me it’s very travel friendly !

Crownbrush Bronze and Glo Palette ReviewPin It

Crownbrush Bronze and Glo Palette | REVIEW | Claims

Crownbrush’s website describes the use of the palette as follows:

You can use the Crownbrush Bronze and Glo Palette to enhance, bronze, and highlight the natural structure of your face. These highly pigmented, buttery soft powders are universally flattering on all skin tones and can be used all over the face. Use on the cheeks as a bronzer and highlighter, on the eyes as golden shimmer eyeshadows, or on the lips to mattify and complement lip products.

I’ve used all the shades in the different ways described above and can say that unless you’re really into a shimmery bronzer (which I don’t mind, but I’m not completely sold on),  I wouldn’t personally use this palette as a bronzer palette. Although I have used one of the shades as a blush and would agree that the shades look gorgeous on the eyes too! There are two finishes in this palette – the top row of shades are all ‘Shimmer’ finishes and the bottom row are all ‘Foiled’ and you can really see the difference ! The top row are more glowy and natural (and I can see that if you liked a shimmery bronzer you could use shade 3), and the bottom row really pack a highlighted-punch!

Crownbrush Bronze and Glo Palette | REVIEW | Shades and Swatches

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I found all the shades to be buttery and smooth, although I think if you had a medium skin tone you might find shade 2 not quite as pigmented as the others – but this works for my fair skin. If you aren’t fond of a glittery highlight, stick to the top three shades. The shades above are, left to right:

  1. White, shimmer
  2. Peach, shimmer
  3. Yellow Gold, shimmer
  4. Deep Gold, foiled
  5. Rose Gold, foiled
  6. Warm Gold, foiled

I really enjoy mixing the white shade with the others to make them suit me far better – and definitely my favourite combination is the white shade (1) mixed with the rose gold (5) – this looks simply gorgeous!

Crownbrush Bronze and Glo Palette | REVIEW | Conclusion

The Crownbrush Bronze and Glo palette costs £22.99 (so that’s roughly £3.84 a shade), which is a bargain. If you like to mix your highlights (like me) or you’re looking for a range of shades to suit various people then I would recommend this product. I like Crown’s no nonsense packaging and appeal and will certainly keep using this product. Although one thing to note is that because the shades are ‘textured’ and foiled I do find that the palette gets glittery all over very quickly ! The shades are gorgeously pigmented and I’ve found little lacking with anything I’ve tried from the brand thus far. Overall, I’m glad to have this in my collection.

Love, Robyn xx



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