GIVEAWAY and REVIEW | Nanshy Bare Necessities Brush Set

Nanshy Bare Necessities Makeup Brush Set
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Nanshy Bare Necessities Makeup Brush Set

I’m not shy about my love of makeup brushes and I’ve certainly not been shy about adoring Nanshy Brushes either – you can see previous posts about them here and here. So when I was given the opportunity to try out their most recent collection (the Nanshy Bare Necessities Makeup Brush Set) , I was very, very excited! Needless to say, these brushes are gorgeous and plush and if you scroll down you will see a very in depth review and also I have  a giveaway where you could win your very own set over on my Instagram !

This set contains 9 different brushes with beech wood handles and engraved brass ferrules, they come housed in a luxe faux leather bag. All brushes are also vegan friendly, if that’s of concern for you. This set feels extremely premium and luxurious and all the brushes have a nice weight to them and don’t shed after washing.

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The Nanshy Necessities Collection Contains:

Five Eye Brushes:

Nanshy Bare Necessities – XI (Number 11) – Spoolie

Ideal for brushing through the brows and even the lashes, a spoolie is something you don’t often see in sets but in my opinion you really need. I like the inclusion of it here as often you only get spoolies connected in some way to other brushes/ products.

Nanshy Bare Necessities – XII (Number 12) – Brow

A very dinky brow brush for being precise and filling in with powders or creams. This also works as a fabulous winged liner brush if you often use cream liner.

Nanshy Bare Necessities – XIII (Number 13) – Eyeshadow, Crease

A really special, tiny little brush that is perfect if you want to do delicate eye blending or even to use as a pencil brush.

Nanshy Bare Necessities – XIV (Number 14) – Eyeshadow, Shader

A great brush for packing shadow on the lid and some light crease work.

Nanshy Bare Necessities – XV (Number 15) – Eyeshadow, Setting

Such a brilliant brush and ultra soft – one of my favourites out of the entire set! I love a good blending brush for crease work and all too often, sets that are designed to give you ‘everything’ you need don’t include one. Which I hate ! This can also be used to set the under eyes with powder.


Four Face Brushes:

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Nanshy Bare Necessities – XVI (Number 16) – Contouring, Highlighting

This is the brush I personally get the least out of in the set, but if you’re really into contour, you’ll love this! It blends out cream perfectly so ideal for a subtle contour and on the days when I want to, I’ve enjoyed using this with the Kevyn Aucoin Sculpting Powder.

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Nanshy Bare Necessities – XVII (Number 17) – Blusher, Foundation

This brush is so luxuriously soft – another firm favourite from this set. Great for being delicate with the skin and buffing in foundation, but it’s so soft you can use it with powder products too!

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Nanshy Bare Necessities – XVIII (Number 18) – Bronzer, Blusher

This brush is designed for use with powder bronzer and blusher – I personally use it to blend out concealer under my eyes and for when I want to ‘low-key’ bake. I’ll apply a rather heavy layer of powder with this brush and then buff away – it’s an airbrushed finished.

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Nanshy Bare Necessities – XIX (Number 19) – Powder Bronzer

A big, fluffy brush designed to give an effortless application of bronzer. The pinched ferrule gives you precision over placement and means that you can carve out the face with bronzer, if you so desire. I also use this for a soft all over face powder application.


So that’s it, a fab set that I’d really recommend to anyone. It’s a perfect gift that has enough variety for someone either just getting into makeup (and in need of high-quality brushes) or who loves a great makeup brushes (me)! 


To win your very own ‘Bare Necessities’ set from Nanshy, all you need to do is follow the instructions over on my Instagram !


Robyn xx


This giveaway is in collaboration with Nanshy Brushes and this product was sent to me for review purposes.


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