Modern Renaissance Dupe?! Profusion Amber Eyes Palette Review

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I love a good dupe. To me, it’s silly to enjoy the idea of buying something expensive when you don’t have to! Obviously, the best sort of dupe is when you can get a product just as good for a much cheaper price – but most aren’t dead on. However, when I saw the Profusion Cosmetics Amber Eyes* palette, I was immediately struck by how much the shades reminded me of the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance Palette. Modern Renaissance is such a cult item that it’s not a surprise to me that it’s being duped – and I have to say it excites me. ABH’s palette costs a mean £43 (you can purchase it in the UK on Beauty Bay, Cult Beauty or ABH’s UK website), which is very pricey whereas Profusion’s Amber Eyes costs £7.95 ($7.00)  (UK website or US Website). That saving is massive, but is it really a dupe?

Up close, as below, you can really see the similarities in the theme and tone of the shades. The main difference being that the Amber eyes palette only contains 12 shades, whereas the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette contains 14 shades (so there are two shades below without a dupe!)

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Modern Renaissance Dupe – Profusion Cosmetics Amber Eyes Palette Review | Swatches and Formula

I’ll be swatching the shades in the same order as they’re included in the ABH palette. The swatch on the left in all cases in the Modern Renaissance palette and on the right Profusion Cosmetics Amber Eyes.

The shades that are dupes, left to right:

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  • Tempera – A matte cream beige | Ideal – the Amber eyes palette is more pigmented and a slightly deeper hue.
  • Golden Ochre – Earthy yellow with a matte finish | Likeable – Very similar shades in both texture and finish.
  • Vemeer – An iridescent powder pink | Chatty – both gorgeous shimmers, Chatty pulls more neutral on me.
  • Buon Fresco – A matte lilac | Fling – Fling is more of a lilac-brown than true lilac and it swatches and applies better than Buon Fresco.
  • Antique Bronze – A burgundy toned chocolate brown with a cranberry shimmer | Thoughtful – very similar.
  • Love Letter – A vivid raspberry with a matte finish | Devoted – the pinks in her are the most different than the ABH palette, both shades have their merits.
  • Cyprus Umber – An intense matte finish chocolate brown | Cozy – is a lot less pigmented than Cyprus Umber (though it blends well and can be built as desired).

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  • Raw Sienna – A sand brown with a matte finish – NO SIMILAR SHADE
  • Burnt Orange – A matte finish warm orange | Outgoing – the Amber eye’s shade is a lot more orange and less earthly, both have a nice texture although I do prefer Burnt Orange as a shade.
  • Primavera – A champagne shimmer | Excited – these are the exact same!!!
  • Red Ochre – A deep brick red with a matte finish | Outspoken – very different shades, I find both are easy to work with.
  • Venetian Red – A rich cranberry with a matte finish with a hint of shimmer | Amour – different shades again, I find Amour to be my least favourite shade in the Profusion palette and I don’t like how it blends, although I’m not particularly drawn to this shade anyway.
  • Warm Taupe – A soft caramel toned grey with a matte finish – NO SIMILAR SHADE (very sad about this, I love this one!)
  • Realgar – An intense burnt orange with a matte finish | Fearless – fearless is less pigmented but still smooth and buttery.

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Modern Renaissance Dupe – Profusion Cosmetics Amber Eyes Palette Review  | Blending and Application

From all the reviews that I’ve ever seen of the Modern Renaissance Palette, people seem to love how it blends. Certainly, this was why Subculture (if you want to see a review of a subculture dupe click here) was considered to be such a flop. It didn’t have the same buttery blend-ability that customers had come to expect from Anastasia’s shadows. For me personally, I’m a real fan of the ABH formula (particularly their singles), but I do find that some of the shades in the Modern Renaissance palette (as much as I love it) are so overtly pigmented that it becomes difficult to blend. This is my only real gripe with the red shades in the palette. As the Amber Eyes palette isn’t so extremely pigmented (though that’s not saying it lacks it at all – you can see the swatches above), it makes the shades easier to blend, and once blended you can easily apply more and amplify the shade. The only shade I had to work with was Amour but apart from that they were all easy to work with.

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Modern Renaissance Dupe – Profusion Cosmetics Amber Eyes Palette Review | Longevity

I really struggle to get shades to last on me anyway, but these both held up the same on my lids. At the end of an evening you really wouldn’t know the difference between the £43 palette and the £7.95 palette – which just seems so ridiculous! You can however see the difference after I remove the look at the end of the day, as the Modern Renaissance palette has a tendency to slightly dye my eyelids. I imagine because the formula is similar to that of a pressed pigment.

Overall, although some of the shades aren’t spot on perfect, they are very very close. The formulas are quite different, but ultimately you can achieve very similar looks using them both – and I know that I would rather save over £30! Not only that, I’m really excited to try more from Profusion Cosmetics (you’ll be seeing another review very shortly!) and I’m really ready for the Mixed Metals palettes to come to the UK and Europe – they look so pretty!


  1. Gemma Louise

    I do love a good dupe but nothing ever beats the original in terms of quality for me! It is such a pretty palette though if you’re not interested in owning the original x

    Gemma Louise

  2. Emma Parry

    Ah that’s fantastic that they are so similar!! What a saving! I do love a good dupe x

  3. Chloe

    I’ve never actually tried any products from ABH before!! Both of these palettes look and sound great and I definitely think I’d go for the more affordable version! xx

  4. Joyce Lau

    I love a good dupe. Personally I’m not a fan of the abh shadows since it can be quite muddy and blend into nothing. X

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