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Finding a product in the beauty commuinty that has meaning behind it is rare. Often times blush is just blush and eye shadow is just eye shadow – it really isn’t that deep and when all is said and done it washes off at the end of the day. Therefore when I was given the opportuinty to try some Look Good Feel Better brushes I was intrigued.

For an explanation of what the good work Look Good Feel Better do, I’ve quoted their website as I don’t think I could do it better:

Look Good Feel Better (LGFB) is the only worldwide cancer charity providing practical support for women and teenagers strugglng with the visible side effect of their cancer treatment.

For over 20 years the programme has helped people face cancer with confidence. Money from the purchase of these brushes goes towards the charity and funding workshops for those struggling with cancer.

I’m sure we’ve all be touched in some way by the disease, whether it be a friend, a relative or a colleague. So this is truly an amazing charity and something I respect immensely.

Packaging | LGFB Brushes

This set of four makeup brushes comes packaged in a plastic sleeve with a pretty pink protective pouch included. This is ideal for travel.

The set includes two face brushes, an eye shadow brush and a lip brush that all claim to be antibacterial and are hand made:

Utilising the very latest antimicrobial technology to help eradicate harmful bacteria and keep your brushes clean. These super soft, crulety free, synthetic brushes have been hand made to deliver an optimum flawless finish.

They have deep, glossy pink handles that just speak to me and the gold ferrules feel very well made. I also enjoy that the hair used in these brushes is multi coloured – I find that this gives each brush a high end feel.

Each brush has ‘Look Good Feel Better’ engraved in gold on one side and name of the brush on the other. I love this!

Round Foundation Brush | LGFB Brushes Review

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The LGFB Round Foundation Brush, to me, is the most unique in the entire set. When I first received this set of brushes, I fully expected this brush to be names ‘Precise Powder Brush’ or something similar – I own a brush a similar shape as this from Spectrum Collections.

However, this brush is far more densly packed making it ideal  for foundation application. If you’re like me and like to really take time perfecting your base then a tool like this is a must – precise but also soft enough to blend product into the skin.

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I also experiemnted with this brush for blending out concealer (which it worked like a charm for !) and also powdering the under eye. This works well for more sheer powders as due to the dense nature of the brush you get quite a heavy application – I wouldn’t recomend for powders that give more coverage to your base for this reason.

Large Multi-Tasking Brush | LGFB Brushes Review

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Everyone needs a brush like this in their collection – a brush that, as the name suggests, is a great multi-tasker. The soft fluffy nature of this brush makes it ideal for a quick all over powder or bronzer application – but due to it’s pinched ferrule you can also use this brush if you want slightly more precision for blush.

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This brush is one of the softest I’ve ever felt (even when compared to natural bristle brushes) and if you’re someone without a large collection, then you need this in your life.

Eye Shading Brush | LGFB Brushes Review

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This is a good inclusion in the set, as I find most often it’s the shape and size of eye shadow brush that I want more of in my collection. Being tapered and fluffy at the top means you can do some light crease work with the Eye Shading brush, but being flat at the bottom means you can also pack eye shadow on the lid quite effectively.

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Obviously if you’re a fan of ellaborate eye shadow looks then you’ll need more brushes to accompany this sytle of makeup brush. But if you honestly are the sort of person who maxium uses two shades on your eyes, then you can get away with just this brush.

Lip Brush | LGFB Brushes Review

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I don’t tend to find I use lip brushes particularly, so when they’re included in sets  often I miss the point of them being included. But having spoken to some friends, I know that a lot of people out there find them genuinly useful. For me, I prefer to use this brush as another eye shadow brush – mianly for hihglighting the inner corner. This brush also works perfectly for spot concealing as you can apply concealer to blemsishes with the point and use the flat sides of the brush to blend into the skin. Brushes have more than one purpose!

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I was also sent their Antibacterial Brush Sanitiser Foam which I’ve been truly loving ! This is a new type of brush cleanser to me, as I normally tend to prefer liquids – but this is prefect for quickly spot cleaning brushes and making them Bacteria free. It doesn’t leave your brushes damp and doesn’t affect their softness which is ideal.

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Overall I think this set is fabulous for anyone, whether your collection is large or small – but I really see this being perfect as a great quality starter set or someone who is looking to invest in some new brushes for the first time. They would also make a great gift and it’s a bonus that the money goes to a good cause.

I will be repurchasing the foam once I’m out – it’s such an easy product to use and gives piece of mind knowing my brushes are actually clean.

Have you tried LGFB brushes before ?

Robyn x




  1. Emma Drury

    These sound so fab! And your photos are stunning!
    Emma | emmadrury.com

  2. Emma Parry

    Ah I know somebody who volunteers for this charity, it’s such a good cause. I didn’t know they had their own line of makeup brushes, but these look lovely! x

    • Robyn

      They’re such a different colour – I have nothing like it !

  3. Joyce Lau

    Really want to try these brushes 😍

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