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I’ve been loving trying brands that are new to me recently and Crown Brush is no exception. I was very lucky that they sent over a fair few of their products to try so I could give you an in depth brand overview.  I’ve been trying their products now over quite some time, so that I could accurately gather my thoughts on everything so that I would have a really thorough review for you!

Crown Brush are a brand that I’ve heard about for many years – I’ve always heard people mention their quality (particularly in eye shadows) vs. their cost – so you could definitely say I was very intrigued. I have a range of products to review for you here so I can give you a feel for the products that might be right for you.

Crown Brush Pro Rose Gold Brushes

Ah! These are just so pretty, aren’t they ? I knew I wanted to try these the moment I saw them.  Aesthetically speaking, I love the rose gold finish with the multi coloured hair – it screams blogger to me. I’m such a makeup brush addict and I really can’t help myself when it comes to them. I have so many brands in my collection now – ranging in price from £4-£60 per brush, that I know exactly what I want from the tools I use. So lets get down to business…

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First off the bat, let’s talk about aspects that all of the five brushes I was sent have in common. All brushes come individually packaged, as above, which I really appreciate – stopping any brushes being misshapen during the shipping process. This also gives them a feel of being high-end before you even open them! All brushes are synthetic and vegan, which is a bonus.

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Additionally, the Crown Brush Pro Rose Gold collection also come with comfort grip handles (you can see the little indent in the picture above). This is something completely new to my collection and an idea that genuinely excited me, and I must say, it really works. These ergonomic handles making holding your brushes more comfortable and also allow for more precise movement and control. This is particularly helpful with the eye brushes – you all know I love my detailed eye shadow looks.

These brushes are also incredibly lightweight. This is neither a negative nor positive to me – I can see why you may want weightier brushes, but the feel of these makes them, again, easier to use.

The main reason I always feel that my reviews that contain brushes take a long time to do, is that I refuse to put up a review without having washed the brushes multiple times and having used the brushes with a lot of different products. After many uses I can also say that with all brushes I experienced minimal shedding when washed and performance was consistent regardless of the product.

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Crown Deluxe Round Buffer CRG3 | £15.99 |Link

I adore buffing brushes for my more sheer foundations – like Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder – and honestly don’t know where I’d be with out brushes like this. I particularly enjoy the density of this brush (not too much or too little), when compared with others in my collection as I don’t find foundation sinks into this one as much. Win !

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Even the Crown Brush website mentions this when talking about the Deluxe Round Buffer brush:

The Deluxe Round Buffer is designed to buff foundation as well as pressed and loose powders into the skin for a full coverage finish. The large head, rounded edges and tightly packed fibres pick up large amounts of product with minimal absorption into the brush, resulting in extended product longevity and an all over, even application.

Overall, I would fully agree with all these claims. I’d love to have another of these brushes in my collection!

Crown Deluxe Blending Crease CRG2 | £7.99 | Link

Where I would like to have another of the Deluxe Buffing brushes in my collection – I’d like to have about fifty of these ! (Okay – that’s an exaggeration, but it’s genuinely quite close).  This is my ideal size for a crease brush and its so fluffy and soft – perfect for a wash of colour all over the lid or working a transition shade into the crease.

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What the Crown brush website has to say about this brush:

The Deluxe Blending Crease is the perfect tool for blending out shadow in the crease area of the lid. The ultra-soft synthetic bristles evenly disperse powder along the eyelid and into the brow bone, resulting in a medium coverage finish that can be built to the desired colour level. Perfect for looks that require master blending and transitioning shades

Obviously this brush is designed for eye shadow use, but I’ve also really been enjoying it for applying precise contour to the hollows of the cheeks and also blending foundation into the hard to reach areas of the face. This brush makes me what to try out every blending brush Crown Brush makes.

Crown Deluxe Chisel Fluff CRG4 | £7.99 | Link

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Another good addition to my collection – but one that I do own similar brushes from other brands. However, although Crown Brush recommend the Chisel Fluff for eye shadow:

The Deluxe Chisel Fluff is a medium sized shadow brush designed for maximum product placement on the lid. The dense synthetic bristles pick up large amounts of product, allowing for a buildable coverage of colour. It can also be used to blend out shadows on the lid, creating a flawlessly blended application. Use with your favourite pressed or loose eyeshadow powders.

I have been rather enjoying it for placing and blending concealer under the eyes. This is because, although a similar overall shape to other brushes in my collection, I find this brush from Crown Brush to be far fluffier and therefore far better at blending.

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Crown Deluxe Precision Detail CRG9 | £6.49 | Link

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I like little brushes that I can use to be precise and the Crown Brush precision detail is designed for this purpose. I love this for inner corner highlight and also highlighting under the brow bone – it’s also a perfect spot concealer brush. I really think that people need more brushes like this in their collections as they make makeup application so simple!

Crown Deluxe Angle Definer CRG10 | £6.49 | Link

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This brush is so dinky ! I’ve never, ever seen an angled brush so small – and that’s great. I have tiny brows, so this is ideal for me. I also think this would make a fabulous eyeliner brush, although I’ve not tried it for this yet.

Golden Glow Liquid Illuminator PFK165 | £18.99 | Link

This is such a gorgeous glowy product that I’ve been really enjoying wearing under my foundation. The golden glow liquid illuminator isn’t too pigmented, so it works on my fair skin and it’s too glittery so it doesn’t emphasise texture.

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I also really enjoy applying this to the high points of the face with the Crown Brush Blending Brush – it gives an airbrushed finish. If you had deep skin, I think this would look so gorgeous on you also – I love finding products that are versatile on a variety of skin tones!

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I do however, find that this can be a little too liquid at times – it needs to be shaken really well to get the best out of the formula.

Glam Metals Eye shadow Palette | £16.99 | Link

This palette is gorgeous – extremely pigmented and stunning! I love shimmers and metallic shades, so this one is right up my alley. The only shade I find to be a tad disappointing is Black Metal (a matte), but for all the others the quality is consistently amazing. I have made a considerable dent in ‘Rock On’ – I wish this was sold as a single. I adore it.

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Overall, I’ve been really impressed with Crown Brush as a brand and I’d love to try more of their products – I also have some Instagram looks going up soon with the palette. Additionally, I have a few single shadows that I’ll also be reviewing soon too – so I hope you’re as excited as I am!

Robyn x


  1. Emma Parry

    These brushes sound great, and I love the look of them too. It sounds like they’re good even after washing too, which is always a bonus x

  2. Joyce Ka Yan Lau

    I have a few Crown Brush brushes but i need to try their makeup. That eyeshadow palette is stunning! x

    Joyce Lau

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