My Favourite Travel Companion – Zoeva Cafe Palette | REVIEW

Zoeva Cafe Eyeshadow Palette Review

It’s no secret that I love Zoeva as a brand. I feature them frequently on my blog (you can see my last post about their Matte Spectrum palette here) and on my Instagram.  My first experience with them was their brushes (which are AMAZING – in fact, I’m currently eyeing up this set) and then more recently their makeup. I purchased the Cafe eye shadow palette (Zoeva Cafe) on the day it was released and I’ve been trying it out ever since. I adore green shades, so this palette called to me and also the rounded selection of colours makes for an ideal travel companion.

Zoeva Cafe Palette Swatches

Swatches -Zoeva Cafe  Eye Shadow Palette

I’ve used the descriptions of the colours from the Zoeva website (we all know that I’m bad at explaining shades!), but here you can see my analysis and thoughts on each individual shade in the palette:

MICROFOAM – ‘Freshly steamed milky beige’ – If you’re a hair darker in skin tone than I am, this will make a fabulous all over lid shade to set down your primer. On me this is a blendable, light transition shade.

DISTINCT EXPERIENCE  – ‘Shimmery rock candy rose’- A lovely, soft foiled shade – perfect for that everyday look all over the lid, or as an inner corner highlight. Pigmented and buttery!

NO ADDED SPICE – ‘Spicy mocha latte green’ – The shade I was most excited for in the entire palette – a beautiful pale green. Very pigmented and unusual.

TASTING NOTE – ‘Sumptuous coffee cherry mauve’ – A lovely shade for deepening the crease of the eye – extremely bendable, although feels a little dry.

HERRENGASSE – Signature blend, cold brew, greenish brown’ – My favourite matte in the entire palette, an incredibly unusual shade that adds so much dimension on the eye.


Zoeva Cafe Eyeshadow Palette Review

NUANCED HISTORY – ‘Creamy Chai Tea Latte nude’  – Lovely neutral dusty rose, great transition shade on me.

MICRO ROASTING – ‘Flavourfully  roasted, shimmery copper’ – Not an unusual shade in my personal eye shadow collection, but one I love regardless.

CUP OF JOY – ‘Full bodied, rich espresso brown’ – Gorgeous shade that gives warmth to the eye, ideal for a deeper skin tone.

TALK, WRITE, READ – ‘Lingering sparkling plum’ – Unusual, almost a cool toned purple – my ideal palette would be green and purple, so the addition of this shade makes me happy, although this is the least pigmented shimmer in the palette.

SHINE  BRIGHT – ‘Intensely rich, deep coffee leaf green’ – The shade I use least in the palette, but a very unusual dark green shade -wears VERY well without creasing.


Zoeva Cafe Eye Shadow Palette Review

Conclusion -Zoeva Cafe  Eye Shadow Palette

The Zoeva Cafe palette has traveled everywhere with me and I can honestly say I find nothing about it lacking – the price is very reasonable (around £18) and the shades are unusual enough to warrant me buying another palette. The packaging is slim and sleek card board that manages to look high end and I find the simplicity of the Cafe palette very attractive. Zoeva does eye shadow very well and certainly they’ve won me over with this one – even on my oily eye lids I find that these shadows last and hold.


I’m excited to try out more from them as a brand (they keep coming out with new collections and I’m so excited by it), but also I want to delve into their existing products to see what I’ve been missing. If I’m ending this review with a simple one-liner it has to be this:


In my opinion, this palette is a must.

Robyn xx