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It’s no secret to anyone that knows me that I am a self-confessed makeup brush addict, so when I was contacted by Nanshy to review their brushes I jumped at the chance! I own easily over 100 makeup brushes from brands such as Real techniques to Wayne Goss, so I like to think I have a good idea of what makes a good brush and what I personally like.

I was sent eight different Nanshy makeup brushes in total, each of which came individually presented in their own plastic sleeves. I appreciate this as it means that they don’t get flattened or misshapen during transit. The package itself was wrapped up in tissue paper with a cute little note inside saying ‘Love from Nanshy,’ as you can see above.  The brushes all have wooden handles covered in waterproof paint (great for those regular washes!)  and mine are finished with a white pearl coat making them look so pretty ! Nanshy also make each of these brushes in black if that’s more your sort of thing.

I also really adore the fact that the ferrule on each brush is engraved – this gives the entire set a far more premium feel.

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Nanshy Flat Foundation Brush | £8.95 | Link 

I’m not normally one for flat foundation brushes but I gave this one a go – and I found it worked well. However, where the Nanshy flat foundation brush stands out for me is in applying primers, and lightweight base products (for example BB Creams). It’s stiff enough that you can be precise around certain areas of the face, and small enough that it works pretty effortlessly. I also tried applying under-eye powder with this brush and found that that worked well, although it won’t be replacing my Wayne Goss Air Brush for that purpose.

This brush is also fabulous for placing down a really strong contour line. It works well due to it’s angled top, giving you precise control over placement.

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Nanshy Stippling Brush | £8.95 | Link

I adore stippling brushes, so when I saw this in the package I was really pleased! This offering from Nanshy is gorgeously soft (easily the softest out of the eight brushes) and I’m so glad I own it – I prefer it to others in my collection such as the Luxie stippling brush and the far more expensive Sigma brush. There’s just something about the firmness vs softness of the Nanshy Stippling brush that beats them all – I use it for soft coverage and blending of foundations, delicate bronzer application and getting a beautifully diffused blush look (which I struggle with!!). The Nanshy website description reads:

  • Vegan-approved synthetic Taklon bristles that are cruelty-free, non-porous, absorb less product, transfer less bacteria and dead skin cells,

  • Wooden handle painted with waterproof paint and additional coat of pearl effect for beautiful appearance and protection

This brush is extremely versatile and 100% worth the price – I have already ordered myself another!

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Nanshy Concealer Perfector Brush | £9.95 | Link

This is a great brush also for foundation and getting into those areas that are hard reach (I particularly like this round the nose!), but I use this predominantly for cream bronzer, contour and blush. The Nanshy concealer perfector makeup brush works really well with cream products and doesn’t leave you in the least bit streaky. I tend to prefer my bruhes a little smaller than this one though, as I have a little face.

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Nanshy Concealer 3D Makeup Brush | £10/95 | Link

The Nanshy 3D concealer brush, in my opinion,  is the most unusual brush out of the collection that was sent to me. The Nanshy website describes this brush as being:

  • Ultra-soft medium density synthetic hair,

  • Uniquely sculpted brush head design,

  • Symmetrically tapered for precision.

I find that this is the sort of brush I never knew I needed until I had it in my collection – I adore it. The unique shape fits perfectly under the eye and both distributes concealer and blends it at the same time. I don’t find I even need to use a Beauty Blender my usual choice under the eye) when I have this brush with me . It’s perfect partners are pot-concealers such as the Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer and full coverage concealers such as Urban Decay All-Nighter.

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Nanshy Makeup BrushesPin It

Nanshy Large Angled Contour Brush | £8.95 | Link

Although the Nanshy Contour brush is described as ‘large’  I would disagree. This brush isn’t massive, which is a bonus for me as it therefore works far better as a contour for my own personal preferences. The Nanshy website states:

  • Achieve perfect contouring and shading with our contouring brush. Or use across anywhere you’d like to highlight! The shape follows the natural contour for easy application.

I did try this for use with natural, dewy highlights also, and found it worked as well as a Beauty Blender at blending in.

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Nanshy Precise Bent Liner Brush | £5.95 | Link, | Nanshy Angled Detailer Brush | £5.95 | Link | Nanshy Pencil Brush | £5.95 | Link 

The next three brushes are the two that I’m particularly fond of and one that I’m very fussy about. The liner brush and angled brush are both brilliant tools for gel winged liner and brows respectively; however I prefer to use the former for tight lineing (as it is firm enough to do this with – unlike other brands), and the latter for smoking out winged liner effectively. The angled detailer brush is a medium sized angled brush, so it should suit those with both bushy brows and slim ones alike.

I’m very fussy about pencil brushes, and I found this one to be a bit too pointed for my liking (I prefer softer, more rounded brushes as I have very sensitive, watery eyes); however, if you have smaller, hooded eyes like me this brush works better (in my opinion) as a ‘bullet crease brush’ – for placing down the darkest of shades at the outer edge of the eye before blending.


Overall, I’d love to try more from Nanshy as a brand and I appreciated the quality vs price of all the items sent to me. There are a few brushes here that have become very well loved in the time I’ve had them and become staples in my everyday routine – even journeying away with me to Iceland on holiday.  I’ve experienced no problems when I’ve washed them thus far and they’re a perfect accessory to my vanity (being very pretty!). I’m sure you’ll see them featured regularly on my Instagram!

Have you ever tried brushes from Nanshy before ? What are your favourite brands ?

Robyn x



  1. Joyce Lau

    Never heard of this brand before but it sounds pretty good. I love my spectrum brushes especially for eyeshadows x

    • Robyn

      Ooh I’ve only ever tried Spectrum face brushes really ! Xx

  2. Chloe Alice Lily

    These look amazing! How have I never heard of these before? I will defo have to go and pick some up now after reading this! X

  3. Emma Parry

    These brushes sound amazing! I use a flat foundation brush everyday and really like it, but I guess it would be strange to get used to if you don’t usually. I’ve not heard of the brand before so will be checking them out x

    • Robyn

      It was a bit strange at first, but it’s good to give everything a go ! You should ! Xx

  4. Gemma Louise

    I’ve never heard of this brand but these brushes look gorgeous! I love the white pearl effect of them too, so pretty! x

  5. Chloe

    I’ve never even heard of Nashy but these brushes look so pretty! It’s great that you’ve experienced no problems with washing them as that’s always something I look out for with new brushes! xx

  6. Hannah Sewell

    I’ve never heard of this brand but these brushes look super fricking pretty! Xx

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