Subculture Dupe ? Makeup Revolution Iconic Division Palette | REVIEW

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Makeup Revolution are, perhaps, the undisputed king of dupes in the makeup world. Whatever side of the fence you sit on with their products, you can’t deny that they offer on trend makeup at very affordable prices. I mention their products pretty regularly on my blog – in fact one of their lipsticks is one of my favourites for pale skin. They recently launched a range of concealers (supposed tarte Shape Tape dupes – I’ve picked up one to review) and four shades of new palettes named the ‘Re-Loaded Palettes’.

Makeup Revolution vs Anastasia Beverly Hills

Out of these four I spy two Anastasia Beverly Hills Dupes – Modern Renaissance and Subculture. Obviously, the controversy last year surrounding the Subculture palette last year was phenomenal – so this is a (very cheap) way to try similar shades without having to deal with the strange formula.

On the Tam Beauty website, the Subculture-esque shade combination is called ‘Iconic Division‘. It costs £4 (how cheap is that !!) and contains 15 shades at 1.1 grams each. So that’s roughly 27 pence per shade – mad! You can also find Makeup Revolution at Superdrug.

I don’t currently own subculture, but I have swatched it perviously and played with it, and I can attest that the formula of this palette is far easier to blend than the ABH one. Obviously there are more shades in the MUR dupe than in Subculture, but for the majority of shades there is almost an exact dupe (even if the formula is very different).

Makeup Revolution Iconic Division Palette Swatches

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I swatched each shade from each row left to right. I apologise for my shade descriptions (as there aren’t any names on the website), so this is just how I think of the shades:

Row 1 – Makeup Revolution Iconic Division Palette

Duo-chrome white/pink – The white base on this is pretty much invisible on my skin tone, but this is gorgeous when caught in the right light as a pink. This is perfect for an unusual inner corner highlight.

Light Warm Peach – A great transition shade if you’re fair like me – blends really well on the eye.

Cool-toned Light Khaki – Some of the cooler tones in this palette are a great addition to the overall theme – giving you more choice for different looks. The swatch of this shade is quite lack-luster, but it really applies well.

Bronze Shimmer – Swatches well, applies to the eyes far better wet.

Mid-Taupe – Lovely cool-toned shade, perfect to give more dimension to the eye.

Row 2 – Makeup Revolution Iconic Division Palette

Forest Green – Really soft and buttery, great transition shade for darker skin tones.

Mid-toned Plum – Blends really well, lacks pigment as a swatch – unsure if this would show up on a darker skin tone.

Light Terracotta – Really pigmented and soft. Great for a warm crease shade.

Shimmery Pale Mint Green – Strange texture to this shade, almost applies like it has a glitter over spray, but it doesn’t.

Mid-toned Warm brown – Slightly dry feeling but very pigmented.

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Row 3 – Makeup Revolution Iconic Division Palette

Deep Peach – Beautiful shade – crease shade for darker skin.

Mustard Yellow – Love the inclusion of this shade, very creamy and blendable.

Cool Forest Green – Swatches poorly but blends well.

Deep Cool Plum – VERY lack-lustre shade all around – doesn’t blend well.

Deep Green-Black – Swatches well but feels very dry, don’t apply too much as it’s difficult to blend – however very good wear time with this shade.

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Overall, I would say that the majority of the mattes in this palette (of which there are many) are very good quality for the extremely cheap price. The shimmers in this palette are a bit of dud – which is odd as these are normally the easier shadows to formulate. However, as there are very few shimmers in this palette at all, this isn’t a deal-breaker. I’m also very pleased that I have some more unusual matte shades in my collection.

Is it worth £4? Yes, very much so.

Stay tuned for more reviews coming your way…





    • Robyn

      Hi Heather, I’ve tried to comment back on your blog – your latest blog tour looks really cool, but ummm comments don’t seem to post ! Not sure if this is just my end x

  1. Pumpkin Lemonade

    Loving your star-shaped swatches – how cute! I’ve actually never tried anything from Makeup Revolution, but I’ve heard a lot of good things about their eyeshadow palettes.

    Pumpkin Lemonade

  2. Emma Parry

    Wow – £4! That’s such a good price. Loving the star shaped swatches too – so different! I do love my shimmery shadows so not sure this one is for me but it really is a great price for what you’re getting! x

    • Robyn

      Probably not for you then. Are there any shimmery palettes you would recommend!?

  3. Chloe

    It’s a shame that the shimmer colours aren’t too good in this palette but I’m glad the matte shades performed better. I also love how you used stars to create your swatches; that’s so cool! xx

    • Robyn

      I’m glad you like the Swatches , I’m a bit of a matte girl at times anyways xxx

  4. Joyce Lau

    I will definitely get this over the subculture palette. I find the ABH shadows just to be okay. There’s nothing more frustrating to blend colours for it to fade into nothing x

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