Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette | REVIEW

Juvias place mini masquerade Review

If there’s one thing I love but I certainly don’t need anymore of – it’s eye shadow. However, when I heard that Beauty Bay would be stocking the brand Juvia’s Place, I knew I’d have to have at least one palette. They’re a very hyped up brand on YouTube/in the beauty community and I really couldn’t help but be curious. They primarily make eye shadows (along with a few brushes and blushes thrown in) and their products are designed for those with deeper skin – Juvia’s Place is a Black Owned Makeup Brand.

Now I certainly don’t fall into that category, but in terms of eye shadows this means that their formulas tend to be very pigmented and aren’t white-based (as this can look ashy on those with deeper skin tones). The intense pigment claims really intrigued me so on the day of release in the U.K. I hopped onto Beauty Bay and purchased one palette (though I wanted more!).  The Masquerade Mini had such an interesting range of shades that it was the first one that caught my eye.

Juvias place mini masquerade Review

The Mini Masquerade Palette contains 16 shadows, and although there are two sizes of the palette in the US, a far as I can see Beauty Bay only stocks the ‘mini’ size – but don’t let that put you off. The shadows are a perfectly normal size in the ‘mini’ – just in the regular size they’re massive! I also really like how slim the cardboard packaging is and therefore how travel friendly that makes the palette.

Shades & Pigmentation – Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette

Juvias place masquerade swatches

The Shades in the palette are:

Row 1 – Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette

  • Chi – Shimmering deep blue.
  • Mali – Shimmering green.
  • Dalia – Shimmering royal blue.
  • Zola – Shimmering pale blue.

These shades are all very well pigmented and highly metallic. I’m not a massive fan of blue/green shades but ‘Zola’ really surprised me and is actually one of my favourite shades in the entire palette.

Row 2 – Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette

  • Makeda – Shimmering purple.
  • Zobo – Matte burgundy.
  • Calabar – Shimmering burgundy.
  • Bori – Matte neon pink with gold glitter.

Makeda is another surprise for me as it’s another favourite. Zobo is one of the dryer mattes in this palette – but it’s still very pigmented and blendable. Bori, however is easily my least favourite shade in the palette, as although it is a matte formula it does have gold glitter laced throughout it and because of this I find I rarely use it as a matte shade.

Row 3 – Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette

  • Giza – Pale shimmering pink.
  • Burkina – Matte medium brown.
  • Cairo – Shimmering orange brown.
  • Ada – Matte red toned deep brown.

Giza is a beautiful face highlight on me and I LOVE it – so soft and buttery. Burkina is my absolute favourite matte in the entire palette, it’s so smooth and blends so well – easily as well as some much higher end shadows/singles that I own. I think I will be repurchasing the entire palette when I run out of this shade! Cairo and Ada are both shades that I gravitate towards to in terms of colour – they will beautiful for Autumnal looks this year.

Row 4 – Juvia’s Place Mini Masquerade Palette

  • Dahia – Shimmering gold bronze.
  • Zulu – Matte red toned brown.
  • Casablanca – Shimmering yellow gold.
  • Fulani – Matte brown.

The stand out shade in this row is ‘Casablanca’ – described as a yellow gold, but on me this is more of a bronze shade. The texture really put me off at first, as although none of the other shimmer shades are gritty and chunky, this one most certainly is. But boy does it pack a punch – the only downside is that I would STRONGLY recommend applying this shade with your fingers.

Overall, this is an outstandingly good value and quality product – at £30. The shade combinations are really cohesive (even if it might not appear so at first glance), and the metallic shades really stand out. The only cons to the Mini Masquerade Palette are that if you prefer more matte shades this palette won’t be for you -although if you want to pair this with an all matte palette that would be ideal. Additionally, the matte shades can be a little inconsistent, but that doesn’t mean they’re not blendable and workable.

If every matte shade in this palette (and their others) was like Burkina, I think I would honestly get rid of most other palettes that I own – I enjoy the formula that much!


Have you tried anything from Juvia’s Place?

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