REVIEW: Nars Bord De Plage Palette

Nars Bord De Plage Palette Review and Swatches Pin It

I was absolutely gutted that I couldn’t get hold of the Nars Banc de Sable Palette when it was released a while ago (mostly because it was only available in the US/Sephora and all that jazz) but also because I told myself I didn’t need another highlighter – let alone a palette of three. Needless to say this was an instant regret when I saw all of the beautiful swatches by people on Instagram – stop making me jealous you! Therefore, when I saw the Nars Bord de Plage Palette at Space NK – I had to have it. The Nars website describes the palette as below:

Water-activated highlighters meet Sun Wash Diffusing Bronzer for a smoldering summer look. Four opalescent tones work effortlessly with skin to create a universal glow, as two light-diffusing bronzers add natural-looking warmth. Together, they create a second-skin luster that amplifies and intensifies.

I haven’t found that I’ve needed to use water with these highlights at all – but it is very fun when you do! The three highlighting shades called Corniche, Crique and Galet are unique to this palette and limited edition, with Rivage also appearing in the Banc de Sable Palette, whilst the bronzers (in Laguna and Casino) are both staples of the Nars line – albeit in their new ‘Sun Wash’ diffusing formulation.


Nars Bord De Plage Palette Review and Swatches Pin It

Formulation – Nars Bord De Plage Palette


The formulation of the highlighters seems consistent within the palette – they’re all evenly pigmented and soft. Each one is more of a sheen than a glitter (which I often prefer), but without being too intense. All but the shade Galet is wearable on my fair skin tone.

My only negative is that they can feel quite dry on my skin if I don’t moisturise thoroughly beforehand.


These bronzers are beautiful in that they never apply patchily to the skin, and nor are they too pigmented. To me there is nothing worse than an overly pigmented bronzer that doesn’t blend – these do very well in this case. I find that even the darker shade, Casino, blends evenly enough that it still looks good on me – though I’d have never thought so in the pan.


Nars Bord De Plage Palette Review and Swatches Pin It

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Shades – Nars Bord De Plage Swatches


  • Rivage – A warm toned white highlight. (top left)
  • Crique – A light champagne highlight. (top middle)
  • Laguna – A neutral pale bronze. (top right)
  • Corniche – A pale pink toned highlight. (bottom left)
  • Galet – A intense dark gold highlight. (bottom middle)
  • Casino – A red toned dark bronze. (bottom right)

My favourite shade is Corniche on me – it has the strangest way of looking incredibly natural but really showing up and hitting the light. I use Rivage more to mix with the others to lighten them a tad (particularly Galet).

Nars Bord De Plage Swatches
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Left to Right: Rivage, Crique, Laguna, Corniche, Galet and Casino


One of my favourite things out the Borde De Plage palette is that it’s relatively universal. Even the bronzers have depth too them; which, although not a problem for me is something I see often lacking in other palettes.

Did I need this palette ? No. Is this palette supremely beautiful and in my mind, at £45, rather good value? Yes. Would I recommend it? Again, yes – although if you were EXTREMELY fair or dark I might think twice.

I also think this would make a beautiful gift for anyone out there with a makeup lover in their life!

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