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If you know me at all, you’ll know that I’m always looking for ways to keep my hair healthy. I have very long hair which I can nearly sit on, that’s regularly colour treated to keep it a light blonde shade. That should give you an idea of the time I need to put into my hair. KOTOHA London is a brand founded in 2015 (but that has been running privately since 2011) by Yoko Obata, focusing on bringing the best of Far Eastern wisdom and ingredients to London. They produce both hair and skincare designed to work naturally with the individual.

KOTOHA Tsubaki and Argan Spa-Feel Shampoo | £15*

Out of the two products I’ve tried, this is the stand out! The KOTOHA Tsubaki and Argan Shampoo is described as a gentle and nourishing shampoo for all hair types, and I find this to be a perfect (and accurate) description. This treats my hair so delicately and really works for me, rather than being too rough. Sometimes I can find shampoos are too harsh on my hair/scalp and can leave my hair feeling stripped of much needed oils. Rather than leaving my hair dry, the KOTOHA shampoo cleans but keeps the soft and silky feeling.

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Another MASSIVE advantage to this shampoo is that it lathers really well. If you have long hair like me this is a bonus as you don’t find yourself needing an excessive amount of product to clean and wash all of your hair. The product also leaves my hair beautifully shiny but keeps my colour looking bright. The scent is very subtle but delicious – I’ve had compliments on it and find it says on the hair.

My only point to be wary of with this product is washing it out fully! The shampoo really clings to hair (which makes it feel lovely and clean), but needs an extra bit of washing out because of this.

KOTOHA Tsubaki and Argan Spa-Feel Conditioner | £15*

My hair needs conditioner, particularly at the tips. Colour makes split ends more common but my hair isn’t in bad condition – it just needs moisture. The KOTOHA Tsubaki and Argan Conditioner uses tsubaki oil to treat damaged hair and other essential oils for a healthy scalp. This isn’t a particularly intense conditioner, but if you’re looking for a product to soothe the scalp and hair, this is it –  I find this conditioner also helps to stop my hair tangling.

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I’m not particularly a fan of the scent, I think it may be the rapeseed oil inside. Having said this, the smell is, again, very subtle – so easy to ignore. I’d have preferred this to smell more like the shampoo, but as the ingredients are natural it simply smells of the product inside. I think this is a really good option for a daily conditioner.

What is brilliant about this combination is that my hair hasn’t been getting as oily as it used to between washes – I think this is because they both aren’t aggressive, so my hair doesn’t overcompensate for the oils it has lost in the wash.

Kotoha London Review Pin It

Overall, KOTOHA London is a brand that seems to have good, gentle ingredients that treat your hair well. Ideal if you’re after some lovely, natural hair care. I’d be VERY interested to try their skincare next as I think they might be a perfect fit for my dry, sensitive skin. You can find KOTOHA London online here – they ship from Covent Garden in the U.K. ! Have you tried anything like this before – what did you think ?

Robyn xxx

* Denotes PR Samples. All opinions are honest and my own.



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