REVIEW: Zoeva Matte Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

Zoeva products hold a special place in my heart; they’re affordable, they’re varied and most importantly all of the products I’ve bought and tried (and that’s a lot) have been of very good quality. When I saw their latest batch of releases a few months ago, I knew I needed the Matte Spectrum Palette (one of five new additions to the pre-existing ‘Spectrum’ line). Mostly because, although I love a good shimmery/foiled shadow (and in my mind the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette features some of the best), having hooded eye lids my go-to shadows on a regular basis are matte – they’re frankly easier to use and quicker.
Aside from my attraction to the palette being fully matte, the shades also intrigued me – the deeper jewel tones are very promient here meaning that the Matte Spectrum palette doesn’t just contain basic neutrals. The description on the Zoeva website states:

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Inspired by leaves turning from lush green to fascinating shades of yellow, orange, red and purple, our ZOEVA Matte Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette takes you on a journey through the colorful seasons. Honoring the vibrancy of foliage, the palette reveals nature’s true hues in a vibrant array of highly pigmented and easy to blend matte eyeshadows – for elegant, distinctive and timeless makeup looks.

Clearly, you’ll find a few more  unusual and different colours in this palette than in your average matte selection.These eyeshadows are also enriched with vitamins and are free of parabens and mineral oils.
The Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette comes packaged in fancy soft touch packaging (think Nars), with a prismatic striped affect. Above is a size comparison with the Cocoa Blend Palette, as you can see the Matte Palette contains an extra column of shadows.

Shades and Formulation

Zoeva Matte Spectrum Palette ReviewPin It

First Row
MT010 – White
MT020 – Light Stone
MT030 – Light Beige
MT010 is a perfect shade to set eye shadow primer with on my fair skin tone. Has a hint of grey to it, and is pigmented for a white shade. MT020 is a very interesting shade unlike anything else in my collection, ideal for cool-toned crease work. Swatches poorly on my skin tone, but blends perfectly. MT030 – Again, another shade that is unusual. It has very even colour pay off on the eye and is again a perfect shade for the crease.

Second Row
MT040 – Pale Muted Yellow
MT050 – Pale Muted Orange
MT060 – Tangerine Orange
MT040 has brilliant pigmentation for a very pale yellow – smooth and soft. MT050 – Not the most pigmented shade in the palette, but my favourite transition shade here. MT060 has a more dry formula than the rest of the shades, which can make it difficult to blend and can make it look patchy.

Third Row
MT070 – Light Dusty Rose
MT080 – Brick Red
MT090 – Pink Cranberry

MT070 – In love with this colour! It goes so well with so many lip shades that I own that are this colour – very soft and buildable. MT080 has soft pigmentation and is my ideal matte formula for a strong red shade, as it’s easy to blend. I find MT090 to be one of weakest shades in terms of pigmentation in the palette (along with MT120), but it still blends very well – despite not looking at all like in the pan.

Fourth Row
MT100  – Deep Lilac
MT110 – Slate Blue
MT120 – Deep Blue

MT100 is very pigmented, but nonetheless blends very well. MT110 is an unusual shade – almost a muted periwinkle colour. I find this shade takes some more to blend than the others. MT120 lacks pigmentation and is very dry – easily my least favourite shade in the palette.
Fifth Row
MT130 – Deep Turquise
MT140 – Forest Green
MT150 – Deep Khaki 

All intensely pigmented, soft, buttery  and unusual shades. My favourite row in the palette! The wear time on these shades is also fantastic, to the extent that I can find my eyelids slightly stained and in need of some serious makeup remover.

To me, this is the PERFECT palette to pair with any other. I oftentimes find that palettes can lack in their matte shade selection, but if you own this little treasure that’ll never be a problem again. The price is also right at £28.50 for 15 shades – bargain !

Thanks for reading…
Robyn xxx


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