REVIEW: Spectrum Brushes Black Marbleous Set

Spectrum brushes are stunning – there’s no doubt about that. I was lucky enough to be bought a set recently (after drooling over them on Instagram for a while might I add) and as someone who collects makeup brushes I thought I’d give a rather in depth review of these stunning rose gold beauties. Spectrum sell individual brushes and other sets too (all of which are just lovely looking), but this set is called the ‘Black Marbleous 12 piece set’ – taking its name from the look of black marble. They have ‘high shine gloss finish on the handles, rose gold detailing and grey into white ombre bristles,’ that I think we can all agree makes this set a stunner – but do they perform?
The set consists of 12 brushes in total, 9 designed for the face and 3 for the eyes. They come packaged in a little plastic wallet to keep them safe for travel (which adorably is pink), as pictured below.
Each brush slides into an individual plastic sleeve (to keep the bristles in place), and the larger/more splayed brushes have caps on too (as below), which is also ideal to use when you wash your brushes to help them keep their shape.

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Each brush is very soft, and they have quite a nice weight to them that makes them feel luxurious. The ferrule feels very sturdily connected to the handle – they feel like they would last a long time. Now, lets get into each individual brush.

C01 – Large Fan

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This is my favourite brush out of the bunch! It’s a lovely, very large and fluffy fan brush that’s perfect for quickly contouring (which is what I use it for), or applying highlight to large areas of the body. The large fan brush is super soft and distributes product really well at the same time as blending it! I think I’m in love. Spectrum also came out with an individual SUPER large rainbow fan brush on the 31st of January – you can find it here – if it’s anything like this one I’d suggest picking it up.

A00 – Luxe Powder

 A luxuriously soft and beautifully large, fluffy powder brush that is ideal for quick application of powder products to the face due to its size. I find this brush a tad to large for my liking to apply powder all over (I use the C07 for that),  but I love it for a really soft bronzer application. If you have a bigger face than mine it’d be ideal for powdering.

C07 – Sculptor

Now, this is the brush in this set I use for all over powder. It has a lovely tapered shape, so it’s also good for setting the under-eyes, and also good for blending blush onto the cheeks. I find this to be the most versatile brush in this entire set.

A02 – Angled Foundation

I ADORE this one. A super soft foundation buffing brush with an angled top, but slightly smaller than a lot of the foundation brushes I own, and that’s what I love most. With the size of this brush I have more control when I apply foundation, and because the bristles are tightly packed I enjoy using this with more liquid foundations like the Charlotte Tilbury Light Wonder foundation.

C02 – Flat Top Contour

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This brush is ideal for buffing out cream contour – and that’s what I use it for. As its dense with sort bristles it doesn’t move the contour around too much (which is exactly what I want), but it has enough give to blend product into the skin.

A20 – Luxe Flat Foundation

 This is probably my least favourite brush in the entire collection, mainly because I have no real use for it. Again, the bristles are lovely and soft and I imagine it would apply foundation brilliantly, but I’m really not a user of flat foundation brushes. What I have used it for is to lay down cream contour before blending the cream in using the C02 brush – it does this perfectly.

A05 – Precision Blush

Another versatile brush that’s useful for both blush and powder contour. I find that this brush feels slightly less soft than the others, not that that means it isn’t still lovely and soft. Much like the A02 Angled Foundation brush, the angle on this brush helps to get a perfect blend of blush on the cheeks every time. Though it isn’t a very large blush brush (it’s called ‘precision’ – duh!), it’s an ideal size for me.

A21 – Luxe Highlight

Luxe Highlight by name, Luxe Highlight by nature – a brush that applies your highlight rather intensely indeed. Unlike a fan brush, you can really pack on (and blend) highlight with the A21 due to its sharp taper. I also use this to set my under-eye concealer with powder due to its shape.

A16 – Precision Crease

Described as a ‘precision crease brush’, but I would disagree – I would never use this in my crease as it’s too flat and stiff to do any blending there. However, it is one of the best brushes for packing product on the lid that I have ever found. I love to use this with glitter and metallic shadows as it keeps them super pigmented and avoids most fall out.

A14 – Winged Definer

I can never have too many of these angled brow/liner brushes in my collection. Their main use to me is for my brows and I’d say the size of this one is about average. I prefer when they’re slightly thinner (so I can be more precise as I don’t have very bushy brows!), but all-in-all this one is rather good and is stiff enough to do the job.

A09 – Angled Eyeliner

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I’m rather useless at using these brushes for liner, and although this isn’t the thinnest liner brush I own, I find this one genuinely easy to use. Liner is a breeze with this angled eyeliner brush.

A10 – Small Fan

…And we’re ending on a goody! (I say that like any of them were bad?) This is a beautiful, small fan brush that I use for highlight – and boy does it do the job. This brush is great for a more gentle application of highlight, so I use it with my more intense products so there’s no chance of me going over board.
I’ve washed these brushes a few times now with no shedding, and they all return perfectly to their natural shape. They retail for £69.99, and for the price I think that’s a steal – at just under £6 a brush I don’t know why you’d look elsewhere for some beautiful, well-made and versatile brushes. Spectrum also sell a Marbleous Black Roll and  a Marbleous Black Bag that match these brushes perfectly for an extra bit of loveliness. I hope you enjoyed my review…


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  1. Michelle

    These sound like amazing brushes for a pretty good price. Imma look after them. I love how they look like.

    PS:I've just followed your blog on Bloglovin
    Michelle Morchella

  2. Nicole Merza

    Such beautiful brushes! I've been in the market for new brushes, so these ones will def be considered! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Nicole | The Glam Surge

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