REVIEW: Peek-a-Boo 3D Mink Lashes

I used to wear false lashes a lot more when I was younger, but last year was the year I really got back into them. I’ve been looking at trying different kinds of lashes this year, from human hair, silk to mink. Mink lashes, however, can be very expensive, so when I spotted these from Peek-a-Boo lashes I was excited to try them – they only cost £12 for genuine 3D mink lashes! I picked up two styles from, one called Heartbreaker and the other called Troublemaker, but you can also find them on their own website here.
These lashes are 100% genuine, cruelty-free mink lashes that come in eco-friendly packaging and they offer free shipping world-wide over £30 (or free first class in the UK with no minimum order). Additionally, they’re not only mink – they’re 3D mink so that makes these beauties very fluffy with multiple layers.
As you can see Troublemaker (above) and Heartbreaker (below), are both really intense lashes, and for someone like me with hooded eyes they look massive. However, if that’s the look I’m going for they’re ideal – I’ll be doing some looks with them on Instagram soon. These seem pretty hardy too, as I’ve re-used one pair ten times now with little difference to the lash.  They also have a very long band so can be cut for your desired size. The band is of average thickness, so if you want lashes with a really thin band these aren’t for you; however I personally prefer when more intense lashes have a thicker band as I find it easier to apply them.
Overall, I’d really recommend you pick these lashes up! I think Heartbreaker are a bit too much on my eyes, but Troublemaker really looks good on my eye shape. As a bonus, for very long, lush lashes they feel relatively light on. If you want to try mink lashes at a fraction of the cost of other brands, you can pick these up here! Next I’d love to pick up their style Whip Lash – they look far more natural and delicate – what about you?



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