REVIEW: G3 Omnia Mundi Hair Products

For any of you who follow me on Instagram (here)/have seen any of my makeup looks on here, you’ll know that I have very long, dyed blonde hair. My hair can be dry and lack volume sometimes, but recently I’ve been using a shampoo, conditioner and hairspray from G3 Omnia Mundi*. They’re an artisan, family owned, Italian hair care brand that’s new to the UK – you can find them in Brighton or online (here). They make salon quality products that are rich in vitamins to add moisture and protect the hair, and are paraben free.

Sublimato Shampoo

This is described as an everyday use shampoo, that’s rich and for all kinds of hair. It’s designed to add brightness and volume – without fly-aways. I only really wash my hair every few days, and I’ve been using this when I do – I’ve found it’s a really deep cleanse for the hair and I only need to use a small amount to get good results. The scent is really nice and almost earthy (to the extent that a stranger sitting next to me at university told me my hair smelt nice), and my hair feels really clean and fresh. You can find it here.



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Conditioning Gel 

Now this is the product I adore most out of the three. The formula is like nothing else I’ve ever tried – a linseed conditioner in a ‘jelly’ form, designed to repair and condition stressed hair and give life back to it. As my hair is long, I find that the ends can sometimes be left dry and life-less – using this has been amazing. To give some kind of measure as to the difference in my hair, I was on Skype to my dad and he noticed the shine and bounce over camera. The only negative is that I can see myself going through this quickly – but as the shine stays through washes I find I don’t need to use this every time I wash my hair. I’d 100% recommend this product! You can find it here.


This hairspray doesn’t have a strong gas pump and is designed to create long-lasting style but not leave residue on the hair. I find that some hairsprays can have a pretty intense scent to them which I don’t really like. This one does have a smell as you spray it but it isn’t noticeable when it’s in your hair. It’s interesting to see a hairspray/ texturising spray that doesn’t spray all at once but in short bursts – and honestly, I prefer it. The way that it sprays in small bursts allows for more control when styling your hair and I find it pretty useful so that you don’t end up covering your entire head in tonnes of hairspray! The spray gives volume and makes hair soft and shiny, without that horrible crackly feeling that some hairsprays give. I use this just at the roots of hair on a daily basis to add volume and it works a treat.





Above you can see a picture of how my hair has looked whilst  I’ve been using these products to clean and style it. Overall, I’d recommend checking out all of these products (again you can find them here and they have also been kind enough to give me a discount code: BUTTERFLY ROBYN , that will give you 10% off any order!) but most of all the conditioning gel – it’s being working wonders for my hair and I get a stunning result every time. Have you picked up any new hair products recently? Thanks for reading…





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*PR samples, opinions are my own.

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