Beautiful Microbladed Brows: Where to get them

To me, brows are as much of a statement as a red lip or a grungy, smokey eye – from bold, modern Cara Delevingne brows to the thin penciled in look of the 1940s brow, what you do with them is up to you. Most of us already know that they also add much needed definition to the face (if you don’t believe me google celebrities without eyebrows… it’s rather scary), but it’s only the lucky few that are born with naturally full and well-shaped brows and they can be rather tricky to grow back if you’ve over plucked them in the past. Maybe you’re not born with it, maybe you’re a burn or cancer survivor who wants their confidence restored, or perhaps you’ve simply plucked them too far.


Either way, microblading is the answer to all these brow-related problems. A new, innovative technique that promises permanent tattooed eyebrows – that still look natural. The moment I think of tattooed brows I think of the blocky, black, unnaturally shaped ones from the early 2000s that gave the world of  ‘permanent makeup’ a bad reputation, however Karen Betts (a leading permanent makeup artist) is trying to change that. She has twenty years experience, and has developed an elite team that can create great brows!


The treatment is around 1-2 hours long, and natural looking hairs are replicated after the area is numbed with cream. This seems to be an incredible way to achieve fuller, more natural looking brows, and is something I would love to try – the before and after photos speak for themselves. The idea is that the pigment matches you perfectly.



Though I’ve heard about this floating around the beauty community for a while,  recently even celebrities (including Michelle Keegan, Amy Childs, etc… you can find Karen’s client list and their stories here) have started to have the procedure. So where can you get this treatment? Karen has rolled out this technique to clinics run by her elite team and there are now three of these KB Pro clinics – London, Pontefract and Cheshire, so we should all be able to try them if we want to. Also, I think it’s worth mentioning that Karen is the official consultant and medical tattooist for the Katie Piper Foundation, so regardless of the reason, you should feel safe in her hands.
Are there any other new trends like this that you think sound amazing? Let me know in the comments.


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