REVIEW & SWATCHES: Morphe 35F Palette

The hype around Morphe palettes is rather extreme, in fact in the UK it’s difficult to get hold of any form of the 35O/S/M palettes from anywhere at all – the 35F (‘Fall into Frost’) palette is not really any different. I picked mine up from Beauty Bay, but you can also find it at Cult Beauty and (of course) Morphe’s own website (here).  I’ve individually gone through the palette and commented on each shadow that was important (either good or bad) below – any not mentioned were generally good, but not spectacular.  


Morphe 35F Swatches


Numbers 1,2,3 and 4 are very pretty foiled shades that are all extremely soft and buttery, they all make a wonderful highlight on my pale skin. Number 3 isn’t as soft as the others but is still perfectly usable, as this makes it have less fall out. Numbers 6 and 7 are harder then the previous, and are more the texture of Makeup Geek foiled eye shadows – the last shade is a dupe for MUG’s flamethrower.

Number 8 and 13 are similar in texture – both extremely soft and I adore these beautiful brown metallic shades – they’re perfect for autumn and winter. Number 9 is easily one of my least favourite shadows in the palette, it lacks metallic lustre and pigment – but you can work with it . Shade 14 is a personal favourite – packed full of glitter and completely metallic, this is a warm-toned eye shadow lover’s dream.

The stand out shades from this row are 20, 21 and 15, the first is full of glitter, but they both have the same buttery texture. Number 19 badly lacks pigment but is a stunning colour.

This row is very hit and miss – 22 is dry but highly pigmented, whereas 23 is a bit of a ‘meh’ shade in all honestly. To me, pan 26 is the worst pan in this palette because it’s so dry and crumbly, I really struggled to pack it on to my arm to swatch it without it falling off in chunks.
The matte shades are the real miss in the 35F, half of these are patchy and the other half just kick up a lot of fall out. The middle few are okay as crease shades but anyone buying this for diverse mattes should look for another palette. Buy this for the metallic shades  – they’re stunning – it’s called ‘Fall into Frost’ after all.
Overall, for the price point ($22.99/Roughly that in pounds), I think this palette is a steal. Even if 10 of the shades aren’t really my cup of tea – that leaves 25 very good shadows! Don’t be fooled into thinking you won’t need mattes to use with this palette because it contains a few, but at the same time is you want some metallic/foiled shades on a budget this is a great option. Is there anything else from Morphe I should try? I hope you enjoyed reading…
Robyn xxx


  1. Robyn

    I can imagine the 35OS is stunning based on the foils in the 35F, but like I said though the mattes aren't 'awful' (apart from the black, that is) I don't think they're anything to write home about – I think similarly priced brands like Sleek and MUR do a better job! Xx

  2. Robyn

    It is great for the price! I'd still recommend it regardless 🙂 xxx

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