Review and Comparison: Urban Decay VS NYX – Yellow Concealers

Colour correcting is a great way to cancel out those undertones and colours in the skin that you don’t want there. I recently picked up the Urban Decay Naked Skin Colour Correcting Fluid in yellow (£17.50) in my Debenhams’ Beauty Haul along with the pink shade – I’ve reviewed these individually and also pitted them against each other (you can find the review here). I’ve been using yellow under my eyes for a while to cancel out the purple tones I get in my pale skin – I don’t need this all the time but it’s a great help on a bad skin day. The NYX Concealer Wand in CW10/Yellow(£5.50), is the same liquid concealer texture as the Urban Decay, and as you can see I’ve owned it for quite some time! If you’re curious to see how these compare to each other, just keep reading.


NYX Concealer in Yellow and the Urban Decay Concealer in Yellow

Applicator and Packaging

The doe-foot applicator is shorter than the Urban Decay (which I personally prefer), but doesn’t pick up as much product. I find that this makes it more difficult to apply the NYX. The Urban Decay picks up the perfect amount so you never have to reapply – one side is enough for under one eye. Obviously the packaging on the NYX is cheaper, and hence the writing wears off more quickly.

Application and Formula

Due to the applicator the NYX goes on more patchy than the UD, and has far less coverage – they both however cover purple tones perfectly. In terms of formula, the Urban Decay concealer is far more creamy (and better for dryer under-eyes), whereas I find the NYX to be more watery (giving it less coverage), but dryer and better if you have oily skin. For this reason it works better on other areas of the face on me.



From above, the NYX concealer is deeper and more orange toned on my NW15-13 skin, and I find this harder to cover with regular concealer as it doesn’t mesh as well with my natural more pink toned skin. The Urban Decay brightens as well as corrects on me as it is paler. I think the NYX would be more suited to someone with a medium skin tone.
Overall, both a fairly comparable – but the shade of the Urban Decay Correcting Fluid is better on my skin tone. If you’re looking for a cheap alternative I would recommend the NYX, but be careful of the dryer formula if you have dry skin as it can cake up. I hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading…

Robyn xxx


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