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I have to start this post with a sorry for my absence. I’ve been doing what seems like a tonne of work for university lately and on top of that have been rather ill – so I thought I’d share with you some of my first Colourpopproducts that I picked up as a sort of come back! I picked up these little gems when Colourpop first had their international shipping promo on (well over a month ago), so I’ve had plenty of time to get to know my thoughts and feelings on what I purchased. Also, I’m very excited that the promo is now on till the end of the year – I’d love to buy some more bits!


ColourPop Super Shock Shadows 


I picked up three super shock shadows in the shades ‘Game Face‘,(orange) ‘Porter‘ (red) and ‘Bae‘ (blue). Although I’m all about rose gold shades I thought I’d pick up some deeper colours to try out. These shades are all fairly unique to me, but these do stand out a mile from other products with their formula. It’s truly a one of a kind bizarre, bouncy texture that applies so beautifully with no patchiness at all. My favourite out of the three is ‘Game Face’ – the ultra-metallic finish is so soft and buttery and it just looks stunning all over the lid.


ColourPop Super Shock Cheek – Highlighter 

This is in the shade ‘Flexitarian‘, one of their newer pearlised highlights. The tone of this for fair skin is stunning and is very intense. The only problem I’ve found with this formula is that if you sort of ‘buff’ this into your skin for a more ‘natural’ glow, you are left with some very distinct shimmer on your face – not my personal favourite.

KathleenLightsxColourPop Creme-Gel Liner

The shade is ‘Mr Bing‘, and this is one of many of Kathleen’s collaborations with Colourpop (as is the shadow ‘Porter’), and I bought this firstly because I really like Kathleen (also why I purchased the ‘Lumiere’ lippie skix) and also because I was in need of a brown eyeliner and I wanted to try the formula. I 100% agree that this shade on my green eyes makes them pop no end and the colour stays in my water-line all day. The only con of this product is that I find the colour takes a while to build – not that this will put me off purchasing more!

Ultra-glossy, Ultra-matte, Ultra-Sain & Lippie Stix

I purchased two ultra-glossy lips – a nude called ‘Fairy Floss‘ and a metallic called ‘Wolfie‘. I enjoy the formula of these as I don’t find them too sticky, but I feel that the formula of the darker shade is far better than the lighter one. I also purchased an ultra-satin lip in ‘Frick n’ Frack‘ and an ultra-matte wine colour in ‘Rooch’. Personally I bought the matte just to try the formula as they do so many pretty colours that I would buy – but everyone seems to say they’re awfully drying. My lips are what you would call ‘horribly dry’ at the best of times and this liquid lipstick ultimately feels very drying on me; however for about 6 hours I can get on board with the feeling for how beautiful the colour is. The ultra-satin lip formula is my favourite out of everything I bought – the ideal middle ground for me to have something with some staying power but not drying at all. The colour looks very brown-toned on my pale pinky skin but I think I’ll enjoy this more when I have a slight tan. The sole lippie skix I purchased was, again, purely because I like Kathleen Lights, but the purple shade is very pretty and I’d liken the formula to Mac’s matte formula. It’s an everyday shade that I’ve worn a lot recently for my travels around university. 

I hope you enjoyed this post, what else should I pick up next time? (There will be a next time…)

Thanks for reading…

Robyn xxx


  1. Elyse G

    That highlighter is GORGEOUS! I haven't purchased anything from copourpop yet, but I definitely need to soon!

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