Cohorted – Ovali Brush Sculpt and Shadow Set Review

Oval brushes seem to be all the rage right now, but honestly eye brushes of this kind of shape are ones that have never massively appealed to me. It’s taken me long enough to get comfortable with my favourite blending brushes and these are such a different shape it’s a whole new world – really. Nonetheless I’ve been giving these a try for ages now and I feel ready to give my thoughts. This offering of brushes comes from luxury beauty box company Cohorted. The Shadow and Sculpt Set is £40 and contains five brushes that are synthetic and cruelty-free. Two brushes are designed for contouring smaller areas of the face (eg. the nose) and the other three are for the eyes. They also sell face brushes – all of which can be purchased as a set or individually. Before I chat to you about each individual brush, as an overview, the rose gold is very attractive and the soft touch handle makes then easy to hold – the only point to make here is they rather light – a positive or negative depending on what you look for.


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Left to Right: Contour 0.2, Contour 0.1, Crease Blender, Flat Shader, Domed Shader

Ovali Sculpt & Contour 0.2 – Medium & Contour 0.1 – Small

As someone who doesn’t contour their nose, or much else on a regular basis, I presumed the 0.2 brush and the smaller Contour 0.1 would be a miss for me.  However, if you want a brush to lay down intense contour/cream contour on your cheeks the 0.2 works a treat. The bristles on both are soft and if you’re really into contouring these make it a really easy task.

Ovali Crease Blender

Out of all five brushes, this is the one I like the least. It is supposedly designed for blending shades into the crease of the eye perfectly – I don’t find it does this at all. I much prefer conventional fluffy blending brushes. To me, the shape doesn’t seem to work for its designed purpose.


Ovali Flat Shader


The flat shader brush is a completely different story to the crease blender. Personally, I adore this brush. It packs on pigment with ease and is ideal for those hard to work with glittery shades and minimises fall-out. I’ve taken to using it with pressed glitters and pigments (like the Glittereyes glitters – review here). Despite the round shape, I also find that this brush is surprisingly precise, it’s also incredibly dense and easy to clean – 100% my favourite from this set.

Ovali Domed Shader

This brush is supposed to be an ideal multitasker, it’s designed to both blend and apply shadow – much like the MAC 217’s of this world. This brush is neither a like nor dislike of mine – it’s good at what it claims to do, but I’d rather have two of the flat shaders instead.

Overall I think the set is good value compared with the likes of Artis brushes, but I would recommend purchasing individuals if you know what you want – for example I’d love to try some face brushes that are this style. I honestly couldn’t recommend the flat shader brush enough.
What products have you picked up recently? Again, you can find the brushes here. I hoped you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading…

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