Highlight Pigments

Just a little update in this post – I’ve moved back into university for my last year of a Maths degree and so my posts here might be less frequent; however if you want to keep up with me you can do so on my Instagram, which I post on more regularly (or Twitter).   
Let’s start this post by saying my brother is a good brother. He has a Chemistry degree and works in the chemical industry, but he also brings me home treats from work! Recently he brought me home three pigments (that he had tested at work and were going to be discarded), that are essentially the chemical used in expensive highlights – cool stuff, right? I just thought I’d show you them all as they’re very, very intense and I know my highlight lovers out there will love them.
My brother brought home three shades – a gold, a silver and a duo-chrome light pink/blue. I’ve worn the duo-chrome on a few days when I’ve felt particularly daring and you get the same look (though far more intense) as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Moon Child. Also, don’t worry, these pigments are safe for the skin and for human consumption. The swatches below do not do their intensity justice – but I was so excited to show these to you all. 

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Left to Right: Silver, Duo-Chrome, Gold
I hope you enjoyed this post, as it’s a bit of a fun one!

Thanks for reading…
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