REVIEW: Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluids on Pale Skin

In my last post about the bits and bobs I picked up from Debenhams (including lots of Kat Von D), I wrote about how I nabbed the Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluids that are a new lauch in the UK. The hype around colour correcting now-a-days is real – it does work (when you use the right shades) and every company seems to be coming out with their take on the trend. From high-end brands to high-street gems, it seems I can’t go a week without seeing a new colourful palette launch that contains all your usual suspects – peach, yellow, green and lavender. Peach to help with blue-hued dark circles, yellow for purple ones and to brighten, green for redness and lavender for sallowness. Sadly, I’ve never much liked those creamy concealers in palettes, I tend to find them greasy and heavy on my skin. Personally, I avoid them all together. 

My interest in these Urban Decay goodies grew when I first read about them – a liquid concealer (yes!) in an innovative, lightweight formula containing light reflecting pigments to blur and illuminate the complexion, whilst disguising certain colours. Admittedly I also knew exactly what I wanted to conceal, as my main skin complaint is my under-eyes. They’re rather dark at best and at worst a very pretty purple colour. You can see me completely bare-faced in this post here – for reference this is a good day. No matter what I do I have them, I think it’s mostly genetic and also down to the colour of my skin. I’m quite fair and, as such, they just seem to show up more on me. I picked up two shades – pink and yellow. Pink is supposed to disguise dark-circles on fair skin tones and also highlight wheres yellow is your traditional purple concealing colour. I have to say, I was most excited for the pink shade as it’s not something I’ve seen before. Peach is a great one for dark-circles but it only really works on medium skin tones and deeper, so to see a pink was exciting. Now, I know what you’re thinking, it’s kind of sad that you found that exciting, but honestly it really made me happy!

Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluid – Pink

Pink was a different shade for me to use. It did subtly highlight my under-eyes which is great if you’re fair and it did help disguise my dark-circles a tad. I tried this out on a few days – on one I was decidedly having a good day and on another, not so much. The pink didn’t particularly help on the worse day because as much as it brightened, it didn’t really correct, so I was left with some lovely light purple under-eyes – these were however slightly easier to conceal on top. On the better day I found that the brightening affect really helped. 

Urban Decay Colour Correcting Fluid – Yellow

First off the bat, I like the colour of this. I own other fluid yellow concealers (I’m considering doing a wear and compare with them), and this is slightly lighter in tone – which on my skin is great! I’d describe the coverage of this concealer over my purple tones as medium, but I really think this covered remarkably (whilst feeling light-weight), even on some very tired looking days. Importantly this was very easy to conceal over the top of and was also highly blendable, which is such a help. 

Would I recommend buying these? Yes, but for different sorts of people. If you really struggle with those dreaded purple hues then the pink colour won’t help you much with that; however if you are a pale skinned gal but you’re generally just darker in that area, go for the pink – it’ll work a treat. 

Thanks for reading…
Robyn xxx



  1. Gemma Louise

    I really want to get the yellow colour corrector from UD to correct all the redness I suffer with. Glad to know it works on under eyes too! I'm eager to pick it up along with the Naked Skin Concealer as I haven't tried that yet either xx

    Gemma Louise

  2. Robyn

    It's a great addition to the regular line up, as those colours never work for me!

  3. Robyn

    I haven't tried the regular concealer either, I'm told the texture of these is similar – just slightly thicker xx

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