Another day…some more from Beauty Bay

I buy a lot of things from Beauty Bay, it’s like a one stop shop for me, and it’s great that they always have different brands popping up every week or so. Here’s what I got this time…



Makeup Geek


I purchased two of the regular Makeup Geek eye shadows in the shades ‘White Lies’ (matte white) and ‘Time Travel’ (matte deep teal) and one of their Full Spectrum eyeliners in ‘Plumeria’. The formula of the liner is so intensely creamy and pigmented that the moment I swatched it on my arm I knew I would want to order more, the colour is a lovely deep burgundy. I’m awful at buying matte shadows as I’m always attracted to the shimmery metallic ones, but I was in desperate need of a white for highlighting my brow bone – most cream coloured shadows in other palettes I own don’t highlight on my skin tone. I struggle with buying blues because I rarely wear them, so this was my compromise on a shadow of that colour. In my Z-Palette you can see my new purchases with the rest of my Makeup Geek eye shadows. 

Coloured Raine

These Coloured Raine shadows were brand new to Beauty Bay (and the U.K. I believe), so I just had to buy I some – none of the shadows I purchased were matte (I know) and from a quick swatch they look beautiful, with a similar consistency to the Makeup Geek Foiled eye shadows – I’m thinking of doing a compare of the two. I purchased: ‘Flashing Lights’ (silver), ‘Intergalactic’ (duo-chrome brown/blue), ‘Pumpkin Pie’ (orange), ‘Golden Olive’ (exactly as it sounds), ‘Super Star’ (deep yellow gold), ‘Who Me?’ (rose gold). 

L.A. Girl

I’ve never tried any L.A. Girl products but people seem to love the concealer so I got the PRO.Conceal HD Concealer in Porcelain (which I haven’t tried yet) and one of their lipliners that claim to be semi-permanent in ‘Natural’. Both of these are very cheap, so if they work well I’ll be very excited!

Violet Voss

Now, I personally don’t wear fake lashes all that often – I used to but recently I’m all done with the faff of it all. These seemed a good way to get back into wearing them without being £20 like the Velour ones. These are in the style ‘Strip-Tease’ (currently out of stock).
I also picked up a BeautyBlender along with all the other bits and bobs. I hope you enjoyed reading, what have you picked up recently?
Robyn xxx


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