WEAR and COMPARE: Charlotte Tilbury Foundations (Review)

In my recent Charlotte Tilbury Haul post, I mentioned I received quite a few freebees – two of which were samples of her foundations – Magic (£29.50) and Light Wonder (£32). I’d love to do some pictures with the pretty bottles, but as I don’t actually own either, I can’t – sorry about that. But what I’ve decided to do is a wear and compare of each so you can decide if you’d like one of them! I love trying foundations, and as my search for the perfect base is only second to the one for the perfect concealer, I get very excited to try different formulas. The Magic foundation (SPF 15) is described as being for all ages, skin tones and skin types and is supposed to give coverage but still be very lightweight. The Light Wonder foundation (SPF 15) is more suited to normal, dry or combination skins and is Charlotte Tilbury’s answer to a ‘youth boosting’ base.

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I’ve made a little photo map so you can see the areas of my face that are dry/oily – I hope this helps (I think I’ll pop this up whenever I review a base product); just a quick note though, I’m not extreme in either the dry or oily department. Pink is oily, blue is dry, the rest is normal.

I’d also like to say that the photo below is makeup free (bar my eyebrows – I do those before my base) and is for reference as to the coverage and finish of the foundations. I feel pretty comfortable bare-faced in front of a camera and I’ve been lucky to never really suffer from acne. I do get very red though (it shows on my fair skin) and I do get some very lovely purple under eye circles.

Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Swatches (Shade 2)

The shade I chose (shade 2) is definitely pale person friendly, which is great (although I do have a bit of a tan at the moment) and, obviously, shade 1 is paler than this – Yey! I chose shade 2 as it claimed to be suited to ‘very fair skins,’ with a cool undertone. Shade 1 is similar to this but slightly more neutral in tone. 

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Left to Right: Light Wonder, Magic

As you can see, this shade in the Light Wonder foundation is slightly darker and a tad pinker than in the Magic foundation – currently the former matches me better as I have more of a tan. There is not a massive difference between the two, and neither oxidised. I’ve also included a swatch of Nars Sheer Glow – Mont Blanc (another notorious ‘pale person friendly foundation’) so you can see how the shades compare. In terms of constancy, Light Wonder is very watery and Magic is thicker – the Nars is like a mix of the two.

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Left to Right: Light Wonder, Magic, Nars

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation

First off, this foundation photographs BEAUTIFULLY! Truly, it looks stunning on camera. This gives a demi-matte finish and medium (not full) coverage, which I would say is build-able and feels very lightweight on the skin for the coverage you get. You can see it covered the spot on my nose, freckles and redness with no extra concealer. This set rather quickly (so you need to work fast), and didn’t remain tacky at all – so I didn’t powder. This also didn’t really emphasise my pores. However, this did look like foundation on my skin and where I am dry this caked up massively. If you have any kind of dry, flakiness this foundation isn’t for you. Where I am oily, this did control the oil; however after a full day of wear I found I did start to get shiny in my T-zone. Due to this, I’m not sure I’d recommend this to very oily skins either as it certainly didn’t control my oil very well (although if I had powdered this may have been a different story). In short, I disagree this is for all skin types – normal to oily skins maybe? But I am almost temped to buy a pot to just wear in photos!

Charlotte Tilbury’s Light Wonder Foundation

The Light Wonder foundation also looks very good on camera, but is obviously less coverage that the Magic foundation. This is personally something I prefer, as it was undetectable on my skin in real life, you still see and freckles. You can see this is far more hydrating and gives a dewy finish, meaning I needed to powder this on the oily areas of my face, but the dryer places didn’t look flaky or cakey! This didn’t set quite like the Magic foundation, but blush and bronzer helped in that regard. Wearing this for a full day was lovely as a lightweight summer base (with powder) and I agree more that this is suitable for the skin types it’s supposed to be. I really liked this, and would purchase it as an everyday foundation.

Thanks for reading! Do you have any foundations I should try…
Robyn xxx

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