The Summer Lovin’ Tag

Now, this is all very exciting! My first ‘tag’ post, my first time being tagged – all thanks to Rhi from rinkydinkyrhi – another UK based beauty blogger. This tag is all about the things I’ve been loving this summer, from perfume to movies – things that really get me in a summery spirit (even though most of us Brits know that we don’t get that much sun). So without further ado, here are my summer lovin’ answers…

Favourite Perfume
My favourite perfume isn’t really a seasonal thing – I don’t like heavy scents at all and I have to admit that I’m generally attracted to anything that smells faintly of talcum powder. So make way for Vera Wang’s ‘Princess’.

Favourite Lip Colour

Now, this really is a seasonal choice for me! I have incredibly dry lips – we’re talking the Sahara Desert dry and I’ve yet to find a lip cream that I don’t need to apply 20+ times a day to give me some kind of moisture, as much as I’m willing to try them all (Charlotte Tilbury Lip Magic Cream, I’ve got my eye on you…).  So, really, summer is the only time that (although dry) my lips aren’t chapped so I can wear matte liquid lipsticks. 

To me, however, this isn’t very summery – so I like to pair with a gloss! I purchased Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II this summer in Dubai and haven’t stopped wearing it since with this Smashbox gloss in Coraline.

Favourite Drink
I’m a tad boring in this regard, I pretty much like pineapple juice and sparkling water (not together might I add). If we’re talking alcoholic beverages I’m very much a cocktail person, with an elderflower collins being my tipple of choice. 

Favourite Blush

I’ve got very cool toned, fair skin that even in summer doesn’t really tan more than to Mac’s NW20 (unless I fake it), so my favourite summer blushes are shades like Dare by Makeup Revolution. A matte, rather deep, cooler toned pink – terrifying in the pan, but as it’s matte I can choose how intense I go with the highlight! Something I also love that has a sheen to it is the Hourglass ambient lighting blush in the shade luminous flush.

Favourite Clothing Item

Oh, Asos, the love of my life…

If you didn’t realise/know, I wear glasses ^^. You can find the dress on Asos here.

Favourite Movie 

I don’t really have a favourite summer film, although about a week ago I did rather guiltily watch Love Actually. Hey, now I know what you’re thinking – that’s a Christmas film…well you’re not wrong. Don’t blame me, it was on TV and it’s the best film ever made.

Favourite TV show

ROBOT WARS IS BACK! This show was such an iconic part of my childhood, as in every week the entire family watched, that regardless of the fact it’s in no way summery I have to say it! A new series launched this summer and it’s honestly made me so happy.

Favourite Food

Three words – Red Velvet Cheesecake. Now I love red velvet cake and I love cheesecake – so an amalgamation of the two is pure heaven as I have discovered this summer.

You can find Rhi’s post here – I suggest you check out the rest of her blog while you’re there, it’s ace! While I’m here, I’m going to tag Stephanie from the Nude Lip Diaries.

I hope you’re all having a great summer, wherever you are.

Robyn xxx


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