Look: Full Face Charlotte Tilbury and Mini Reviews

More Charlotte Tilbury – sorry, not sorry, I can’t help that it’s so pretty! I created this look using the products that I bought during my Charlotte Tilbury Haul – if you haven’t seen that post you can find it here. I love warm tones and now that we’re heading into autumn (yey!), I’m really excited to get back into wearing them. In this post I’ll also give a little update as to how the products worked for me! As I’ve already posted a Charlotte Tilbury foundation wear and compare (magic foundation vs light wonder), I won’t say much about that here, but I will say that I’m wearing the light wonder foundation in these photographs. 

Hot Lips Lipstick – Kidman’s Kiss

Kidman’s Kiss is a stunning colour, something a bit different and bright for me. It’s a matte lipstick and I did find that it emphasised the lines in my lips (as most mattes do), and did find it relatively drying. However, I do have very dry lips so I do tend to find this with any kind of matte product. 

Luxury Palette – The Vintage Vamp

‘The Vintage Vamp’ on the eyes and in the palette is stunning! I followed the instructions and did a basic eye with it, this took about 2 minutes in total – which I think is pretty impressive. The colours are highly pigmented (though for the price I expected nothing less) and blend beautifully and smoothly.

Legendary Brows – Linda and Legendary Lashes

I find that the colour for my brows matches my dyed hair very well, and it’s a quick and easy brow process that looks styled, but still natural. The only negative is that my brows feel weirdly tacky with this – but its not like I touch my brows that often. The mascara was nice,  but I think it needs to dry out a tad! It will be much better, I’m sure, after some more use.

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    Thank you ! Xx it's wonderful, but I agree it's big bucks for 4 shades.

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