REVIEW: Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer

Primers are all the rage right now, mostly because they enhance your overall makeup application in some way or another. It could be smoothing pores, prolonging foundation wear time, etc…. I bought the Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer (phew…that’s a long name) on a whim because I was in Liberty (£36) and to be fair everything’s so pretty I find it hard to resist. I love their bronzer, so I thought, why not? I chose the shade ‘luminous light’ out of the three (the others being mood light and dim light) after talking to a very helpful woman on the counter. 

The claims on the Hourglass website are that these are ‘light correcting primers that blur, smooth and perfect the skin for a soft, subtle glow.’ The formula is oil-free, feels like an incredibly weightless moisturiser and is essentially supposed to act as a subtle colour corrector, but does it work?

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Primer Swatch Pin It

Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer-Luminous Light
The primer is heavily swatched and then almost fully rubbed in underneath
This shade is supposed to give the skin a candlelit glow, additionally if you look very closely in daylight there is a subtle shimmer running through out it; however this doesn’t noticeably transfer to the face (which is good). Would I say I look candlelit when I wear this? No, not really. What I would say is that my skin is left beautifully smooth and soft when I use this making whatever I wear on top look better. I also believe this does keep my makeup on longer, and even after 8 hours of wear my foundation still looks even.

The most bizarre/miraculous aspect of this primer to me is how quickly it dries. Within seconds of application there’s no tackiness and skin is instantly smooth – if you can get to a counter, try it  out ! 

So is it worth the money? Well, if you want a primer to really, intensely colour correct or give a dewy finish you may not find that in this primer. But, if you’re more about skin care than makeup, want a subtle glow and a smooth, even finish – I say go for it ! I love the way this makes my skin feel.

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