FAVOURITE: Illamasqua Nail Polishes

Nail polish is a very personal thing. Some brands chip like no tomorrow on you, but on your friends they’ll last what seems like weeks. It all feels very unfair. It’s taken me years to stumble upon a brand that works for me – Illamasqua. I can personally never be bothered to paint my nails all that often, it’s a task I don’t exactly enjoy (I’m sure few of us do), but I can’t deny that the end result is satisfying and often polishes off a look (see what I did there…). So, that’s why I enjoy Illamasqua polishes – because they wear for about 4 days on me without chipping (the first nail varnish I’ve ever found that wears this long on me), and I adore the colours.

I seek them out when I can and try to pick one up when I’m near a counter (which is sadly not often). I also gradually put certain colours on my wishlist (currently the top shade is ‘jo’mina’ – an electric lilac). Some colours I own are more sheer where as others are fully pigmented. I’ve swatched them below so you can see the colours I own but this is mainly to show their pigmentation as many of these are discontinued (I’ve been collecting quite a while).

Illamasqua Nail Polish Swatches in Blizzard, Raindrops, Milf, Muse, Noble, Scarce, Pink Raindrops, Purity, Optimist, Marquise.Pin It

Left to Right: Blizzard, Raindrops, Milf, Muse, Noble, Scarce, Pink Raindrops, Purity, Optimist, Marquise.
Blizzard is a clear gloss with glitter throughout and raindrops/pink raindrops are sheers whereas the rest are very opaque. My personal favourites are marquise and milf, I wear them pretty often and always seem to get compliments when I do. Not only that but I find the packaging very cute and sleek with its glossy black lid (classic Illamasqua) and squat glass bottle. The only down side to these polishes is the price – at £14.50 a pop for 15ml of product they’re relativity expensive (although this is similar to brands such as Nails Inc./OPI/NARS).

If you have any suggestions for other brands that don’t chip that I should try, leave them below ! 

Robyn xxx

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