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Natural Skincare that also comes in recyclable packaging – I think we’re onto a winner!

I was very kindly sent some skincare items from Freshly Cosmetics to try, and I have to say that one of them in particular has been a life saver over a very busy exam period. When I have exams, although I’m normally a very organised person, overall I’m not a very good about it. I don’t eat very well, I don’t really look after myself like I normally do and obviously I’m stressed – this leads to having pretty bad skin at the end of it.

I’ve been trying both of the products that were set to me for well over a month now (though I’d never review skincare after anything less, as I just think you need to consistently use skincare products to form a full opinion), so let’s get into the full on details!

First things first – I loved the Freshly Cosmetics packaging when it came in the mail. Everything was recyclable, sustainable and ‘natural’ (which is their branding), and even the outer packing on the products was the same – and as you might remember from my 2019 goals post, being less wasteful is an aim for me this year (though not entirely sure I’m succeeding!)

Freshly packaging on products

Freshly Cosmetics Parcel
Freshly Cosmetics Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum Packaging

Freshly Cosmetics Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum Packaging
Freshly Cosmetics Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum

First off we have the Blue Radiance Enzymatic Serum –  which is designed to exfoliate the skin to clean out pores and even out the skin tone! This is the product of the two that I love the most and has become a very welcome addition to my night time skincare routine. When I first used this, I woke up in the morning a little rosy faced a few times but after the initial change my skin decided that everything was okay. Thankfully … because I had started to panic! My skin is naturally really sensitive, so I can definitely recommend this to those of you with sensitive skin, as it wasn’t an issue for me.

I find this serum really exfoliates the skin and definitely has helped with skin pigmentation issues that I get on my cheeks – as well as made a difference to the overall texture of my skin. It’s been a lifesaver in a time where my skin naturally is less than at it’s best.

The second product sent over for my thoughts was their Rose Quartz Facial Cleanser – and the first thing to say about this product is that it comes in a heavy glass bottle – which makes it feel very fancy.

The scent is gorgeous – described on their website as ‘an amazing citric combination of tangerine, orange and grapefruit, together with the acidity of apple, the sweet touch of pineapple and the exotic fragrance of sandal.’ It’s essentially a really natural, pleasant scent that makes you feel like you’ve visited a spa – yum! There’s also plenty of natural active ingredients to help cleanse the skin.

It has a lovely creamy texture and feels really relaxing when going on to the skin; however, I must say that this isn’t the cleanser for me on my driest days. I find that it can take a little too much moisture from my skin when I’m having dry issues, so it’s best avoided then. As we’re going in to the warmer months however, my skin isn’t as dry as normal (and actually can get a little oily surprisingly), so it suits me far better then. Definitely one for you combination chicks out there.

Have you tried anything from Freshly Cosmetics ? Let me know your thoughts below!

Robyn x

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